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These are the popular food from Azorean Cuisine which you must try.

1. Cozido

Cozido À Portuguesa (Azorean) (Portuguese)

Cozido is a Portuguese- Azorean dish made with four types of meat including chicken, beef, pork, bacon and blood sausages, vegetable herb, spices. Azoreans mainly use calderas to cook Cozido. The pots are placed in the ground early in the morning and stewed throughout the day.

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2. Bolos Levedos

Bolo Lêvedo, Sweet muffin (Azorean) (Portuguese)

Bolo Lêvedo is a Portuguese sweet muffin typical of the Azores Islands. It is widely popular throughout the Azores as well as New England. Bolos Lêvedos are saucer size thin muffins, golden brown. It has a delicious lightly sweet taste. It is served freshly cooked and toasted with butter,

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3. Bolo Dona Amelia

Bolo Dona Amélia (Azorean) (Portuguese)

Bolo Dona Amélia is one of Portugal’s very best cake which comes from The Azores. It is made with egg, butter, sugar, cornflour, molasses, cinnamon, raisins. It's a very delicious dessert.

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4. Queijada

Milk Tart (Azorean) (Portuguese)

Queijada is a type of sweet prepared using butter, flour, eggs, vanilla, milk, and sugar. It comes from The Azores and can also be found in Portugal. The oven is preheated and the ingredients are mixed together and poured in a tin which is ready to go in the oven. It is served fresh from the oven.

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5. Chicharros Com Cebolada

Chicharros With Onions (Azorean)

Chicharros com cebolada is an Azorean dish. Chicharros are a type of small fish commonly found in the sea around The Azores. Chicharros com cebolada is prepared by frying the chicharros with onions, tomato, bay leaf, clove, stick berries, salt.

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6. Alcatra

Portuguese Pot Roast (Azorean) (Portuguese)

Alcatra or Portuguese Pot Roast is a traditional dish of the Azores. It is made with a blade, pancetta, veal shank, onion, garlic, spice, salt, butter, red wine. Alcatra is a slow-cooked meat and very rich in flavor.

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7. Polvo Guisado

Octupus Stew (Azorean) (Portuguese)

Polvo guisado or Octopus stew is a Portuguese-Azorean dish. It is prepared with potato, octopus, pepper, tomato paste, herbs, spices. It is a very delicious stew.

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8. Tuna Bifana


Tuna Bifana is an Azorean sandwich. It is made with tuna, hot pepper sauce, lemon juice, lime juice, buns, butter, white wine, It is similar to Portuguese Bifana, just the difference is Portuguese bifana contains pork. It is a very tasty sandwich.

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9. Bolo De Milho

Portuguese Flat Bread (Azorean) (Portuguese)

Bolo de Milho is a very large and very dense sweet flatbread that’s found in The Azores, especially on Pico. It’s firm but crumbly. Bolo de Milho is famous in both Portugal and the Azore island. It is also called Portuguese Flat Bread. It can be served with queijo fresco.

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10. Bolachas Antigas

Old Fashioned Cookies (Azorean)

Bolachas Antigas is also called Azores Old fashioned cookies. It is prepared with egg, butter, sugar, flour, baking powder. It is very easy to make. It is served with coffee or tea.

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11. Especies

Portuguese Spice Cookies (Azorean) (Portuguese)

Especies are a kind of cookie made with flour, butter, eggs, lemon zest, cinnamon, lemon, bread crumb, anise seed. The flavour is like sweet and spicy. The fillings with spicy flavour are made in pastry and baked fresh. It is also called Portuguese Spice cookies.

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12. Omorro Amanteigado


Omorro amanteigado is a soft cow's milk cheese originating from Faial island in the Azores. The milk is pasteurized and comes from Holstein and Simmental cows. Omorro is very creamy and buttery in texture, while the flavour is slightly tangy with savoury notes. The cheese can be sliced, but its top can also be peeled off and the gooey interior can be used as a decadent dip. Apart from the flagship cheese, there are also versions flavoured with hot peppers …

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13. Liquorice Stick Cocktail

Licorice Stick, Regaliz (Azorean)

Liquorice Stick or alternatively spelt Licorice Stick, also known as a "Regaliz", is a highball (cocktail) made of cola, anisette or absinthe, and black licorice as a garnish. It originated in Terceira Island, Azores, Portugal where it was called a "pauzinho de alcaçuz" as an alternative to the rum and cola drink called a "Cuba libre". Liquorice stick cocktails can be mixed with just about any anis flavoured liqueur.

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14. Morcela Com Ananas

Morcela Com Ananás (Azorean)

Morcela com ananás is a traditional Portuguese dish originating from the Azores. It's made with a combination of morcela black pudding, olive oil, bread, salt, pepper, garlic, and pineapple slices. The bread is cut into pieces and toasted, then drizzled with olive oil. The morcela is cut into large pieces, grilled, then seasoned with salt, pepper, and garlic before it's arranged on top of the pineapple slices. The dish is traditionally served as an appetizer, with toasted bread on the …

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15. Mel Dos Acores

Mel Dos Açores, Azorean Honey (Azorean)

Mel dos Açores is one kind of honey called Azorean honey. They are natural honey but the collection of honey and bee harvesting is a different process than usual. Azores wildflower honey is made from the nectar of various types of flower, including traditional species such as plum, chestnut, citrus, eucalyptus, and rosemary, as well as subtropical species such as banana, passion fruit, pineapple, avocado, and guava. Its flavour is very sweet and unique, reminiscent of the aroma of essential …

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