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333 Premium Export Beer

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333 Premium Export Beer is a rice beer brewed in Vietnam. The ABV is 5.3% and brewed by Sabeco Brewery, Vietnam.

06:12PM April 30, 2021 - by: itisclaudio

35th Anniversary Expedition Stout Reserve Beer

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35th Anniversary Expedition Stout Reserve Beer is a Stout - Russian Imperial style beer with 11.5% Alcohol by volume (ABV). Brewed by Bell's Brewery - Eccentric Café & General Store Michigan, United States.

11:52PM November 14, 2020 - by: atasneem

60 Minute IPA Beer

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60 minute is a "IPA - American" style beer with 6% ABV and 60 IBU brewed by Dogfish Head Craft Brewery Delaware, United States.

08:46AM November 06, 2020 - by: ClaudioRoman

7 Up

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7 Up is an American brand of lemon-lime-flavoured non-caffeinated soft drink. It is originated from the USA and sold worldwide nowadays. It is similar to sprite. The main ingredients are Carbonated Water, Sugar, Acids (Citric Acid, Malic Acid), …

01:10AM October 11, 2020 - by: atasneem

Aachener Printen

Printen, German Gingerbread

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Aachener Printen are a type of Lebkuchen originating from the city of Aachen in Germany. Somewhat similar to gingerbread, Printen were originally sweetened with honey, but for two centuries the tradition is to use a syrup made from …

02:34PM December 03, 2016 - by: eemia21

Aalu Ka Paratha

Potato Paratha

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Aalu ka paratha (aloo paratha), an indian breakfast delicacy!

03:53AM August 02, 2021 - by: geetakiduniya

Aam Panna

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Aam Panna or Aam Jhoras is an Indian drink renowned for its heat-resistant properties. It is made from raw mangoes and is yellow to very light green in color, and is consumed as a tasty and healthy beverage …

01:38PM August 23, 2020 - by: itisclaudio

Aam Papad

Aaam Shotto

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Aam papad is an Indian fruit leather made out of mango pulp mixed with concentrated sugar solution and sun-dried. It is also known as Aaam shotto in Bangla. Traditional Aam Papad is sweet, although it is available in …

01:33PM August 23, 2020 - by: atasneem


Sweet Pureed Mangoes

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Aamras is a one of the most popular Indian summer dessert made of sweet, juicy & ripe pureed mangoes flavoured with sugar or jaggery. Mango is considered the king of fruits in India and no summer season is …

02:45AM September 04, 2020 - by: atasneem


African Salad

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Abacha is known as African Salad and its a popular Nigerian snack made with dried shredded cassava and other ingredients. You’ll always see Abacha vendors on the streets or around some market angles.

03:42AM June 19, 2020 - by: itisclaudio

Abernethy Biscuit

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The Abernethy biscuit is an adaptation of the plain captain’s biscuit or hardtack, with the added ingredients of sugar , and caraway seeds because of their reputation for having a carminative effect making them beneficial in digestive disorders. …

03:23PM August 23, 2018 - by: itisclaudio


Dizi, Ābgoosht

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Abgoosht is an Iranian stew. It is also called Dizi. Ābgoosht is usually made with lamb, chickpeas, white beans, onion, potatoes, and tomatoes, turmeric, and dried lime.

09:23PM November 26, 2018 - by: itisclaudio

Abita Select Amber Ale

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Abita Select Amber is a "Red Ale - American Amber / Red" Style beer with 4.5% ABV brewed by "Abita Brewing Co. Louisiana, United States". 12 oz contains 128 calories and 10g of Carbs

08:16AM November 06, 2020 - by: itisclaudio


Ābnabāt, آبنبات‎‎

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Abnabat is a kind of Persian hard candy made of sugar boiled with added flavors.…

07:46PM November 27, 2018 - by: itisclaudio


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Aborrajado is a Colombian dish made of deep fried plantains stuffed with cheese in Colombian cuisine. In general, an aborrajado means that the cheese-filled plantain is dipped in batter and deep-fried (giving it its name, which means "battered"), …

10:02PM November 26, 2018 - by: itisclaudio

Absolut Vodka

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Absolut Vodka is a brand of vodka, produced near Åhus, in southern Sweden. Absolut is owned by French group Pernod Ricard; it bought Absolut for €5.63 billion in 2008 from the Swedish state. Absolut is the third largest …

03:21PM April 19, 2018 - by: itisclaudio


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Acarajé is a traditional street food in Brazil, it is especially popular in the state of Bahia.

03:16AM August 22, 2017 - by: anika854

Acar Awak


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Acar is a type of vegetable pickle made in Indonesia, Malaysia, and Singapore. It is a localised version of the Mughlai Achaar. It is known as atjar in Dutch cuisine, derived from Indonesian acar.…

02:06PM December 03, 2016 - by: eemia21

Ace Hill Pilsner Beer

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Ace Hill Pilsner is a Canadian beer of the "Pilsener" Style with 4.9% ABV and 16 IBU brewed by "Ace Hill Beer Company Ontario, Canada"

07:46PM November 27, 2018 - by: itisclaudio

Achari Arbi

Spicy Taro Root Curry

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Achari Arbi refers to a preparation made of Arbi (Taro Root) using the same spices which are used for making Indian Pickle. The dish has a unique and delectable taste and contains no onion or garlic. Achari Arbi …

07:10AM September 13, 2020 - by: atasneem