Okinawa Soba

沖縄そば, Suba (Japanese)

wheat noodles, broth of kombu, pork, katsuobushi flakes

Okinawa Soba are thick wheat noodles in a broth of kombu, katsuobushi flakes and pork. Soba means buckwheat in Japanese but Okinawa Soba contains no buckwheat. The government tried to force Okinawa to drop the name on Okinawa Soba products after the reunification of Okinawa and Japan in the 1970s. Okinawa resisted and the government eventually backed down. Okinawa Soba is similar to ramen but with thicker noodles.

Katsuobushi is dried, fermented, and smoked skipjack tuna.
Kombu is edible kelp from …

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