Zimbabwean Cuisine


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Bota is a popular breakfast dish in Zimbabwe. It is a kind of porridge flavored with peanut butter, milk, butter, or jam. The main ingredients are white cornmeal, salt, peanut butter, milk, butter, or jam. It is a …

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Zimbabwe’s homebrew is a combination of water, sorghum, yeast, and enzymes that makes for the chunky, strong liquid known as Chibuku. https://matadornetwork.com/nigh…

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African Chicken Stew

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Chicken stew is the traditional stew of Zimbabwe's cuisine. The main ingredients are tomato puree, chicken, herbs, spices, vegetables, oil. It has a variety of flavors which makes it very different. It is served with rice.

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Chimodho also is known as Mupotohayi, is basically a form of cornmeal bread that is common in Zimbabwe. Its texture is soft like cake . It is made with egg, butter, sugar, flour, cornmeal.

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Chocolate Maheu is a Zimbabwean drink. The main ingredients are maze meal, cocoa powder, flour, sugar, water. Maheu is a fermented drink, It is also prepared with leftover sadza. It's mostly drank as an energy drink.

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Delele is a Zimbabwean, Zambian dish. The dish is prepared with fresh okra that is cooked in water, alongside sliced tomatoes and baking soda. Delele can be dried before cooking, but more frequently it is cooked fresh.

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Kapenta are small fish fries that originated from Zambia and Zimbabwe. The fish is fried in oil with vegetables and spices are added. It is served fresh and hot.

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Beef bones

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Mabhonzo emombe is the most popular food in Zimbabwe. The main ingredients are beef bones, beef broth, vegetables, spices, herbs. It is a stew prepared with beef bones. It is cooked with other ingredients such as vegetables or …

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Mapopo candy js a delicious Zimbabwean Papaya candy. Papaya is cooked in and dusted with sugar to make a sweet treat. It is very popular during the festival.

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Pumpkin Leaves

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Muboora is a Zimbabwean vegetable dish made with pumpkin leaves, onion, salt, pepper, tomato, cream. It's a very healthy meal. It is usually served with rice or Sadza.

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Roasted Butternut Squash is a healthy Zimbabwean dish. It is made with Butternut Squash, herbs, spices, cinnamon, butter. It is mostly served as a side dish. It is easy to make.

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It is made with finely ground dry maize/corn maize (Mealie-Meal). This maize meal is referred to as hupfu in Shona or impuphu in Ndebele. Sadza is typically served on individual plates but traditionally sadza was eaten from a …

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