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The Cuisine from Afghanistan is largely based upon the nation's chief crops, such as wheat, maize, barley and rice. Accompanying these staples are native fruits and vegetables as well as dairy products such as milk, yogurt and whey. Kabuli Palaw is the national dish of Afghanistan. The nation's culinary specialties reflect its ethnic and geographic diversity. Afghanistan is known for its high quality pomegranates, grapes and sweet football-shaped melons.

ChaWal = Rice
Dhaniya = Coriander
Haldi = Tumeric
Laal Mirch = Red chilli
Lehsan Adrak = Ginger garlic
Moong Daal (Chilky Vali) = Green gram split peas
Namak = Salt
Palak = Spinch
Pani = Water
Pyaaz = Onion
Qeema = Mince
Zeera = Cumin

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