Tam Mak Houng

tham mak hoong, Tam Mahoung, Green papaya salad, Papaya pok pok (Lao)

papaya, garlic, chilli, peanuts, sugar, fermented fish sauce, lime juice

Papaya salad is made with green (unripe) papaya, which is distinctly tangy and crunchy and completely different to the ripe, softer orange fruit. While many stores sell graters, many will argue that the best texture is achieved by using a large knife to hack and thinly slice tiny slivers into the whole peeled fruit, often with admirably careless precision.

Tam Mahoung is sometimes called 'Papaya pok pok' because of the pounding sound from the pestle.

Sometimes it’s called papaya pok …

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Created Aug. 14, 2017 by: itisclaudio

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