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Kutia is a cereal dish made with wheatberries, poppy seeds, honey or sugar, various nuts and sometimes raisins and traditionally served in Ukraine, Belarus, Russia and Poland.

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Lazanki is the Belarusian and Polish name for a type of pasta and dishes made with it. It consists of stiff wheat, rye or buckwheat dough, rolled thin and cut into triangles or rectangles.

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Obwarzanek Krakowski is a braided ring-shaped bread that is boiled and sprinkled with salt and sesame or poppy seeds before being baked. It has a white, sweetish, moist, and chewy crumb underneath a crunchy golden-brown crust.

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Paczki is a traditional Polish cuisine which is similar to doughnuts. It is deep-fried pieces of dough shaped into flattened spheres and filled with some sweet filling. It is usually covered with powdered sugar, icing, glaze or bits …

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Pierogi are filled dumplings of East European origin. They are made by wrapping pockets of unleavened dough around a savory or sweet filling and cooking them in boiling water. These dumplings are popular in Slavic (Polish, Russian, Slovak, …

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Polish potato pancakes, known as placki kartoflane or placki ziemniaczane in Polish, are delicious and delightful. They are often served in Poland topped with meat sauce, pork crisps or goulash, sour cream, apple sauce, mushroom sauce and cottage …

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Escargot Caviar, Escargot Pearls

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Snail caviar, also known as escargot caviar or escargot pearls, is a type of caviar that consists of fresh or processed eggs of land snails. It is a luxury gourmet speciality produced in France and Poland. They were …

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Żur, Żurek, жур, кісяліца, kyselo, Barszc…

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The sour rye soup is a soup made of soured rye flour and meat. It is specific to the cuisines of Poland and Belarus, where it is known as żur or żurek. A variant made with wheat flour …

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Uszka is a type of small dumplings (a very small and twisted version of pierogi) usually filled with flavoursome wild forest mushrooms and/or minced meat. They are usually served with barszcz, though they can be eaten simply with …

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Vanillekipferl is a small, crescent-shaped biscuit. Originally made with walnuts, but also with almonds or hazelnuts. They get their typical flavor from a heavy dusting of vanilla sugar.

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Distilled beverage composed primarily of water and ethanol, sometimes with traces of impurities and flavorings. Traditionally, vodka is made by the distillation of cereal grains or potatoes that have been fermented, though some modern brands use other substances, …

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It is an open-face sandwich made of half of a baguette or other long roll of bread, topped with sautéed white mushrooms, cheese and sometimes other ingredients, and toasted until the cheese melts. Served hot with ketchup,

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