Costa Rican Cuisine


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Ceviche is a national dish of Costa Rican.

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Chifrijo is a delicious and traditional Costa Rican's dish.

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Chilera is a condiment made by pickling vegetables such as carrots, chilli peppers, onions, cauliflower, and green beans in banana vinegar. It can be used as a dressing for vegetables or as a flavorful condiment accompanying various main …

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Chorreadas are Costa Rican corn pancakes that can be classified into three main categories: plain, sweet, and cheese chorreadas. The pancakes consist only of corn, and they are traditionally consumed for breakfast, although some like to eat them …

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Chicha De Coyol

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Coyol Wine is a fermented alcoholic beverage made from the sap of coyol palms.

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Flan is a baked custard quite similar to crème caramel. It is typically made with eggs, cream or milk, gelatin and vanilla. Often, the custard is synonymous with crème caramel because it includes a layer of burnt or …

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Traditional dish of Nicaragua and Costa Rica made with rice and beans. The history of Gallo Pinto is not well known, and there are disputes between Costa Ricans and Nicaraguans about where the dish originated. One theory suggests …

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Olla De Carne is a traditional delicious Costa Rican dish.

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Pan Bon is a dark, sweet Caribbean bread served in Costa Rica that is often full of candied fruit such as raisins. In Jamaica, where this type of sweet bread is also popular, it is known as a …

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Peach Palm

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Pejibaye is Costa Rican name of peach palm. This fruit can be found across Central and South America and is a savoury fruit that is packed with nutrients and vitamins, making it a popular snack not just for …

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Picadillo de papa is a savoury Costa Rican dish consisting of picadillo potatoes, chopped bell peppers, onions, and ground beef. The dish is traditionally served with tortillas and rice, and it is customary to consume it by filling …

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Pipa fria is the Costa Rican name for coconut water, which is a crisp and refreshing drink to help cut fatty breakfast meals. While many people across the world may have tasted packaged coconut water, it is nothing …

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Platáno Frito is a simple side dish made by frying ripe plantains in oil until they are golden brown. The dish is often served for lunch, accompanying numerous main dishes, often along with cooked rice. The plantains can …

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Sopa Negra is a Costa Rican's typical traditional soup.

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Tamal is a Costa Rican's traditional dish.

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There are many variations of tamales in Colombia, but they all have something in common and that is that Colombian Tamales are all wrapped in banana leaves

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