Colombian Cuisine


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Aborrajado is a Colombian dish made of deep fried plantains stuffed with cheese in Colombian cuisine. In general, an aborrajado means that the cheese-filled plantain is dipped in batter and deep-fried (giving it its name, which means "battered"), …

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It is an alcohol that is available throughout the country. Inexpensive, and according to the locals, less likely to give you a hangover compared to other liquors, it is usually consumed straight, and chased with water.

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Chicken Soup

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Chicken soup like mom used to make it. It includes chicken, two (preferably three) kinds of potatoes, corn, sour cream, capers, avocado and guasca. Guasca is a special herb that grown throughout the Americas and gives the soup …

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Colombian Chicken And Potato Soup

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Ajiaco Colombiano is a kind of mainly made with chicken and three different types of potatoes, It is one of the popular food of Columbia. The main ingredients are papa criolla, chicken breast, heavy cream, capers, potatoes, corn, …

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Almojabana is a type of bread made with cuajada cheese and corn flour.

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Flatbread made of ground maize dough or cooked flour prominent in the cuisine of Colombia and Venezuela. It is eaten daily in those countries and can be served with various accompaniments such as cheese (cuajada), avocado, or (especially …

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Arepas Con Queso, Cheese-stuffed Arepas

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Arepas de queso are a small flat, round unleavened patties made out of maize (corn flour) that are stuffed with cheese.

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Arroz Atollado is a Colombian cuisine dish from Cali, Colombia and the surrounding area. it contains chicken, pork, potatoes of various kinds, vegetables and seasonings. Arroz atollado may be served with fried plantain pancakes, hogao sauce and sausages.

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Arroz Con Coco is a common side dish of the Caribbean coast of Colombia. White rice is cooked in coconut milk with water, salt and sugar.

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Arroz Con Huevo Frito, Rice With A Fried …

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Arroz con huevo frito (rice with a fried egg) is the ultimate Latin lazy meal. Some people also add fried plantains, avocado, and tomato onion curtido salsa.

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Arroz De Lisa is a traditional Colombian cuisine dish from the Atlantic (Caribbean Sea) coast. It's cooked with mullet, a sea fish found in brackish waters, like those at river mouths.

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Plato Montañero

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A very typical colombian plate: rice, eggs, beans, chorizo (sausage), platano maduro (that huge fried banana you see on the bottom-left), chicharron, avacado, arepa, and spicy ground beef.

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Bandeja Paisa is a staple of Colombian cuisine. It is a huge mixture of food on more of a platter than a plate, it consists of grilled steak, fried pork rind, chorizo sausages, on a bed of rice …

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This is a very simple and flavorful dish. It is basically a piece of steak with a tomato and onion sauce, topped with a fried egg

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Buñuelo are popular ball shaped fritters and eaten as a snack in many South American countries. The Colombian version is made with dough of curd of white cheese that get fried until golden brown. It is a typical …

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Mixed rice and beans served with sweet plantains and topped with a fried egg

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The Canelazo is the traditional cocktail of Ecuador, but also of Colombia. It contains sugar cane alcohol, sugar and cinnamon. Others prefer to add orange or lemon juice to make it tastier. Canelazo is usually served hot, like …

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Champus is a drink popular in Peru, Ecuador and southwest Colombia made with maize, fruits such as lulo (also known as naranjilla), pineapple, quince or guanábana, sweetened with panela and seasoned with cinnamon, cloves and orange tree leaves.

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Chancaca is a typical Peruvian, Bolivian, and Chilean warm, sweet sauce made of raw unrefined sugar from sugarcane. It is often flavored with orange peel and cinnamon and is consumed on sopaipillas or picarones. In Colombia, chancacas are …

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Changua is a typical hearty breakfast soup of the central Andes region of Colombia, in particular in the Boyacá and Cundinamarca area, including the capital, Bogotá. A mixture of equal amounts of water and milk is heated with …

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