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Samoan culture has a very long and complex history which includes great migratory movements, amazing feats and the whole history of its population. One of the most important aspects of the Samoan cuisine is represented by the fact that food is not heavily spiced as it is characterised by the use of coconut milk and cream. Some of the most popular Samoan foods include taro, bananas, coconut, breadfruit, and shellfish, or pork and Chicken. A very interesting, and in the same time unique method of cooking different kinds of food includes Samoan umu, a traditional above the ground stone oven heated by glowing hot lava rocks. Thus, the food can be placed on the rocks and plaited in coconut fronds, or wrapped in banana leaves. Western Samoan inhabitants seem to be very keen on fishing, as fresh caught fish has been one of the most important Samoan dish.

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