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The cuisine from Belarus shares the same roots with cuisines of other Eastern and Northern European countries, basing predominantly on meat and various vegetables typical for the region.

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(0 ) Potato Kishka (Belarusian)
The sausage made from grated potatoes and pork (bacon and/or meat) became very popular among Belarusians as a delicious, affordable …
(0 ) Potato Dumplings (Belarusian)
This are made from raw potato, bound with cooked potato. They take slightly longer to cook than other dumplings, but …
Ryazhenka is a traditional fermented milk product in Belarus, Russia and Ukraine. Ryazhenka is a variety of yogurt which is …
The most popular meat dish of Belarusian made with potato fritters with meat.
Machanka is very popular sauce of Belarussian from different sorts of meat, served with pancakes,
Even though it’s hard to identify any traditional Belarusian snacks, you will find a rich assortment of snack types in …
This became common in the Grand Duchy of Lithuania in the mid-18th century. At first it was known as one …
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