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The cuisine of the Southern United States is the historical regional culinary form of states generally south of the Mason–Dixon line dividing Pennsylvania and Delaware from Maryland as well as along the Ohio River, and extending west to southern Missouri, Oklahoma and Texas.

The most notable influences come from African, English, Scottish, Irish, German, French, and Native American cuisines. Tidewater, Appalachian ,Creole, Lowcountry, and Floribbean are examples of types Southern cuisine. In recent history, elements of Southern cuisine have spread north, having an effect on the development of other types of American cuisine.

Many items such as squash, tomatoes, corn (and its derivatives, including grits), as well as the practice of deep pit barbecuing were inherited from the southeastern American Indian tribes such as the Caddo, Choctaw, and Seminole. Many foods associated with sugar, flour, milk, eggs (many kinds of baking or dairy products such as breads and cheeses) are more associated with Europe. Black-eyed peas, okra, rice, eggplant, benne (sesame) seed, sorghum, and melons, as well as the spices can be attributed to peoples of African origin.…

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Sausage gravy is a traditional Southern breakfast dish in the United States. After loose pork sausage is cooked in a …
(0 ) Biscuits And Gravy (American) (American-Southern)
Cassic Southern dish of fluffy biscuits topped with a creamy breakfast-sausage gravy.
(0 ) Pâté Du Sud, Southe… (American) (American-Southern)
Pimento cheese is a classic southern spread or dip made of cheddar cheese, mayonnaise, and pimento pepper.
(0 ) Hominy Grits (American-Southern)
Hominy is a food which consists of dried maize kernels that have been treated with an alkali in a process …
Brunswick Stew is a traditional dish, popular in the American South. The origin of the dish is uncertain, but it …
(0 ) Cheese Crisp (American-Southern)
An Arizona cheese crisp (simply "cheese crisp" in the region) is an open-faced, flour tortilla covered in shredded cheese, baked …
A biscuit in the United States and parts of Canada, and widely used in popular American English, is a small …
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