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Most common dishes you find on the street of Peru

1. Salchipapas

Sausages And Fries (Peruvian)

Salchipapas is a poor man's dish that became a popular "fast food" in Peru. The word Salchipapas derives from its main ingredients: salchicha – sausage and papa – potato. Thinly sliced pan fried hot dogs or other sausages are mixed together with French fries and served with various sauces. Most often this dish is sold by street vendors or simple restaurants for a few Soles.

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2. Anticuchos

Anticucho de corazon (Peruvian)

Anticuchos (singular anticucho, Quechua for Cut Stew Meat) are popular and inexpensive dishes that originated in Peru, also popular in other Andean states consisting of small pieces of grilled skewered meat.

Anticuchos can be found on street-carts and street food stalls (anticucheras). The meat may be marinated in vinegar and spices (such as cumin, ají pepper and garlic), and while anticuchos can be made of any type of meat, the most popular are made of beef heart (anticuchos de corazón). …

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3. Mollejas

Mollejitas (Peruvian)

Chicken gizzard normally marinated and grilled commonly served as a street food in Peru

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4. Pancita

Raqchi, rachi (Peruvian)

Grilled marinated Tripe, specifically "Omasum", also called book/bible/leaf tripe, which is the third compartment of the stomach in ruminants. Pancita is a common food served in the andes of Peru.

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5. Papa Rellena

Stuffed Potatoes (Bolivian) (Peruvian)

Papa Rellena is a traditional croquette filled with a spicy ground beef mixture. Ground beef is stir-fried with onions, tomatoes, garlic, cumin, garlic and paprika. Hard boiled eggs and black olives are added. Mashed potatoes are molded around a center of the meat mixture and formed like a potatoes.

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6. Pollo Broaster

pollo frito (Peruvian)

Peruvian version of fried chicken.
Bone in chicken pieces floured or battered and then pan-fried, deep fried, or pressure fried.

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7. Mostro

Mostrito, mostrazo (Peruvian)

A mostro is a combination of two Peruvian dishes: Pollo a la brasa (Rotisserie style chicken) and Arroz chaufa (fried rice). The dish is normally accompanied by french fries and salad.

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8. Choclo Con Queso


Choclo Con Queso is a very simple and common street food from the Peruvian Andes. Boiled Peruvian corn accompanied of Peruvian fresh cheese

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9. Cebiche De Pescado

Ceviche De Pescado, seviche de pescado, sebiche de pescado (Peruvian)

Cebiche De Pescado is a cold Peruvian dish. While there are hundreds of variations, the traditional Ceviche actually just needs 5 simple ingredients: fresh, raw, white fish filet cut into bite-size pieces, marinated and "cooked" in lime juice and seasoned with Peruvian chili peppers, onions and salt.
Ceviche is the Peruvian national dish like no other one reflecting the coastal cuisine and its influences. Ceviche is the most popular dish in Peru and the pride of all Peruvians.


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10. Leche De Tigre

Leche De Pantera, Tiger's Milk (Peruvian)

Leche de tigre, or tiger's milk, is the Peruvian term for the citrus-based marinade that cures the seafood in a ceviche. Also known as leche de pantera, this leftover fish runoff usually contains lime juice, sliced onion, chiles, salt, and pepper — along with a bit of fish juice.
In Peru, the invigorating potion is often served alongside ceviche in a small glass and believed to be both a hangover cure as well as an aphrodisiac.

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11. Huevos De Codorniz

Quail Eggs (Peruvian)

Huevos De Codorniz is a very common street food in Peru. Served by itself with salt.

Vendors with small push carts first hard boil the eggs then, if you prefer, peel the spotted shells to reveal the creamy insides which are then generously sprinkled with salt. Nearly half …


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12. Pan Con Pejerrey

sandwich de Pejerrey (Peruvian)

Pan con pejerrey is a Peruvian fried fish sandwich. Pejerrey is "smelt", a small silver fish. The fish is battered and then pan-fried, deep fried, or pressure fried.

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13. Choncholi

tripas, tripita (Peruvian)

Choncholi is a Peruvian street food made of small beef intestine, which is prepared, steamed and then roasted on a grill, it is based on food native of people from Angola, who were based in the south of the country to work in the cotton fields and sugar in the province of Ica, south of Lima. It was a typical food of the black population of Peru but now, like the kebabs they are consumed at every social level.

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14. Chanfainita

Chanfaina, chanfaina, Beef lung stew (Peruvian)

Spongy dark iron-rich cuts of meat with small hollow airways couldn’t be anything other than beef lung, prepared in a comforting stew with tender potatoes and giant kernels of Peruvian mote (corn).
It could be accompanied by white rice or spaghetti.

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15. Butifarra


Butifarra is the name of a traditional Peruvian cold sandwich where the main ingredient is "Jamon del Pais". Slices of this savory seasoned ham and onion relish called "salsa criolla" are served on crusty round French bread roll.

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16. Triple

Triple Sandwiches (Peruvian)

Triple is a traditional Peruvian sandwich where 3 or 4 slices of plain white bread thinly spread with mayonnaise and filled with layers of fresh avocados, tomatoes and slices of hard-boiled egg.

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17. Picarones

Buñuelos (Peruvian)

Imagine the lovechild of a spice cake, a pumpkin pie, and a beignet, and you'll get an idea of Peru's picarones, which date back to Peru's colonial days. Potatoes are everywhere in Peru—more than 3,800 varieties are grown there—so even the desserts are papa-packed. In this case, camote, a type of sweet potato, is mixed with macre, a type of squash, to form a silky purée. It's combined with flour, sugar, yeast, and anise, formed into a round doughnut shape …

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18. Arroz Con Leche


Traditional rice pudding made with milk, sugar, orange peel, raisins, cloves, sweetened condensed milk, cinnamon, and vanilla and sometimes shredded coconut and (more rarely) brazil nuts can be added. It is commonly consumed with mazamorra morada (purple corn pudding). When served with it is known as "clasico".

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19. Mazamorra Morada

Purple Corn Pudding (Peruvian)

Peruvian dessert made from purple corn and fruit. It's thickened into a pudding-like texture with potato flour or corn starch, and spiced with cinnamon and cloves. It tastes a bit like blackberry pie filling, but more exotic. Mazamorra has a beautiful deep purple (morada) color, and is usually served cold.

Chicha morada is a popular Peruvian beverage that is also made from purple corn. The two dishes can be made from one pot of corn - the first boiling is …

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20. Mani Confitado


Sweet fast food mostly sold on the streets. it is Crunchy Caramelized Peanuts

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21. Emoliente


Emoliente is kind of an herbal tea popular with young and old, poor and rich especially in the cold winter months. Sold by street vendors around the country at corners, bus stops or parks and plazas, it is part of Peruvian lifestyle and believed to have healing and protective powers. No wonder, because emoliente is made of numerous Peruvian medicinal plants, herbs and seeds. A great beverage to get warm, add some minerals and vitamins to your diet and boost …

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22. Champús

(Colombian) (Ecuadorian) (Peruvian)

Champus is a drink popular in Peru, Ecuador and southwest Colombia made with maize, fruits such as lulo (also known as naranjilla), pineapple, quince or guanábana, sweetened with panela and seasoned with cinnamon, cloves and orange tree leaves.

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23. cachanga


Cachanga is a type of homemade flatbread made of wheat flour and it is deep-fried.

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