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  • About SaleBhai: is your one-stop destination for food specialities. We take great pride in presenting a mind-boggling range of exquisite sweets, snacks, biscuits, chocolates, pickles, spices, and much more. Whether it's Agra's petha, Lonawala's chikki, Ratlam's sev, Ahmedabad's khakhra, Bengaluru's chocolates, Bombay halwa, or Mysore pak, the country's mouth-watering …

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(0 ) (Bangladeshi)
Sandesh can be made with the use of chhena or cottage cheese. The simplest kind of sandesh in Bengal is …
(0 ) Plum Cake (Indian)
(0 ) (Indian)
This heavenly sweet dish is made using gram flour, ghee, and sugar.
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