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Frutti Di Mare

(Italian) (0 ) (2 )

Seafood pasta, usually with linguini.

03:09PM March 01, 2016 - by: itisclaudio

Olla De Carne

(Costa Rican) (0 ) (1 )

Olla De Carne is a traditional delicious Costa Rican dish.

03:01AM July 07, 2017 - by: anika854

Burmese Khowsuey

(Burmese) (0 ) (1 )

This one-dish meal is sure to strike every single of your taste buds with its vibrant flavour! The Burmese Khowsuey features layers of noodles, a vegetable curry made with coconut milk and an elaborate masala of spices, coconut …

03:22AM November 23, 2016 - by: anika854

Groaty Pudding

(English) (0 ) (1 )

Groaty Pudding is a traditional dish from the Black Country in England. It is made from soaked groats, beef, leeks, onion and beef stock.

09:32AM January 15, 2017 - by: anika854


(European) (Sri Lankan) (0 ) (1 )

Kokis is a deep-fried, crispy and sweet Sri Lankan dish made from rice flour and coconut milk. Although considered as a traditional Sri Lankan dish, it is believed to have come from the Dutch. This is an important …

08:43PM May 30, 2017 - by: itisclaudio


Gołąb, Hulupki

(Polish) (1 ) (2 )

Cabbage roll common in Polish cuisine made from lightly soft-boiled cabbage leaves wrapped around minced pork or beef, chopped onions, and rice or barley, which are baked in a casserole dish and are usually served with a creamy …

03:02AM January 16, 2017 - by: itisclaudio

Jugo Surtido

(Peruvian) (0 ) (1 )

Jugo Surtido is a favorite Peruvian breakfast beverage similar to smoothie. It is made by blending banana, papaya, pineapple, beetroot, strawberries and honey

05:19PM March 07, 2017 - by: itisclaudio

Carrot Pineapple Raisin Salad

(-African-) (0 ) (1 )

Carrot Pineapple Raisin Salad is an African dish which usually served during Christmas.It is made with carrots, raisins, warm water, pineapple, tidbits, mayonnaise, sugar.

02:15AM July 02, 2020 - by: atasneem

Chicken Jalfrezi

(Bangladeshi) (Indian) (Pakistani) (0 ) (2 )

Chicken Jalfrezi is a dish originating in the Indian subcontinent, popular in Bangladeshi cuisine and Indian cuisine that involves frying marinated pieces of meat, fish or vegetables in oil and spices to produce a dry, thick sauce. As …

02:53PM June 30, 2018 - by: anika854



(Moroccan) (0 ) (1 )

Baghrir is a pancake consumed in the Maghreb region. They are small, spongy and made with semolina or flour; when cooked correctly, they are riddled with tiny holes. Baghrir is popular for breakfast, as a snack and for …

07:17AM January 05, 2018 - by: anika854

Rumali Roti

Dosti Roti

(Indian) (-Punjabi-) (0 ) (1 )

Rumali Roti is a thin flatbread originating from the Indian subcontinent; popular in India and in Punjab, Pakistan. It is enjoyed with Tandoori dishes. The bread is usually made with a combination of whole and white wheat flours …

07:48PM April 16, 2018 - by: itisclaudio

Pallares Con Milanesa De Pescado

(Peruvian) (0 ) (1 )

Pallares "Lima beans stew" are normally accompanied by rice and a meat like in this case Milanesa

03:25PM March 14, 2018 - by: itisclaudio

Bodhi Beer

(American) (0 ) (1 )

Bodhi is a "Double Imperial Pale Ale (DIPA)" style American beer with 8.3% ABV and 80 IBU brewed by Columbus Brewing Company Ohio, United States.

09:29AM November 06, 2020 - by: itisclaudio

Bolo De Rolo


(Brazilian) (0 ) (1 )

This dough is wrapped with a layer of melted guava, giving the appearance of a swiss roll. However, layers of dough and guava are much thinner than the ones used in the swiss roll, and the taste is …

01:13PM December 18, 2016 - by: eemia21

Fried Carrot Cake

(Malaysian) (Singaporean) (0 ) (1 )

This is a Teochew dish popular in both Singapore and Malaysia. Variants include the ‘black’ version, which has sweet sauce (molasses) added, or a crispy version with the cake fried on top of a beaten egg to create …

12:26PM August 24, 2018 - by: itisclaudio

Sourdough Bread

(-Worldwide-) (0 ) (1 )

Sourdough bread is made by the fermentation of dough using naturally occurring lactobacilli and yeast. Sourdough bread has a more sour taste and better inherent keeping qualities than breads made with baker's yeast, due to the lactic acid …

01:03PM May 14, 2020 - by: ClaudioRoman



(German) (0 ) (1 )

Rotkohl is a cooked very popular German side dish made of red cabbage and it varies somewhat by region, but frequently combines thinly shredded red cabbage, tart green apples, vinegar, sugar, and apple cider. It has a sweet …

07:26AM June 15, 2022 - by: itisclaudio


(Nigerian) (0 ) (1 )

Zobo drink is a familiar beverage loved by Nigerians. It is produced from dried Hibiscus leaves. This bright red drink is loved both for every day and as a refreshment drink in parties. This drink has many advantages: …

04:30AM June 19, 2020 - by: atasneem


Jareesh, Jereesh Areesa, Harissa

(-Middle Eastern-) (Saudi Arabian) (Yemeni) (0 ) (1 )

Harees is an ancient dish made of meat and wheat. The wheat-based preparation is mixed with pounded meat and cooked till it reaches the consistency of a porridge. The most common meats used are lamb or chicken. Harees …

01:55AM July 31, 2017 - by: itisclaudio

Kuai-Tiao Nam

(Thai) (0 ) (1 )

A soup of wide rice noodles, often with minced pork, pork balls or fish balls.

09:24AM July 28, 2016 - by: asma