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Nuoc Cham is a common name for a variety of Vietnamese "dipping sauces" that are served quite frequently as condiments. It is commonly a sweet, sour, salty, savoury and/or spicy sauce.

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Pho is a Vietnamese noodle soup consisting of broth, linguine-shaped rice noodles called bánh ph?, a few herbs, and meat. Pho is a popular street food in Vietnam and the specialty of a number of restaurant chains around …

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With a couple of exceptions, the beef used in pho bo soup is medium rare, and it continues to cook in the soup broth. Your beef choices are bo chin, which is sliced well-done steak; bo tai, sliced …

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Water Spinach, Morning Glory

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Rau Muong is a Vietnamese dish made of greens stir-fried with copious amounts of garlic or floating in a noodle soup. It is known as water spinach or morning glory, this is a staple veggie in Vietnam. If …

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魚翅湯, 鱼翅汤, yúchì tāng

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Shark fin soup (or shark's fin soup) is a traditional soup or stewed item of Chinese cuisine and Vietnamese cuisine served at special occasions such as weddings and banquets, or as a luxury item in Chinese culture.The shark …

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Gỏi cuốn, Spring Roll

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Traditionally consisting of pork, prawn, vegetables, bún (rice vermicelli), and other ingredients wrapped in Vietnamese bánh tráng (commonly known as rice paper). They are served at room temperature (or cooled) and are not deep fried or cooked on …

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Spring roll with grille shrimp

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This traditional Vietnamese-style caramel chicken recipe from Cook's Illustrated promises a dish that perfectly balances a bittersweet caramel with salty and spicy flavors.

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This dish relies on the mango being semi-ripe so as to add a little sweetness, just enough softness from its texture and a hint of sourness. The French mustard in the dressing is a nod to the history …

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