Malaysian Cuisine


Mee Yoke

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Hokkien Hae Mee or mee yoke as it is called in Kuala Lumpur is a spicy prawn and noodles sopu. This soup has since become popular in the other urban centers in Peninsula Malaysia. As the name suggests, …

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In its most common form, the dish consists of egg noodles and rice noodles stir-fried with egg, slices of pork, prawns and squid, and served and garnished with vegetables, small pieces of lard, sambal sauce and lime (for …

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Hokkien mee is a dish in Malaysian and Singaporean cuisine that has its origins in the cuisine of China's Fujian (Hokkien) province. In its most common form, the dish consists of egg noodles and rice noodles stir-fried with …

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Ice Beans

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Ice kacang, or "iced beans," is a thirst-quenching concoction from Malaysia

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Charcoal-grilled fish or other forms of seafood. Ikan bakar literally means "burned fish" in Malay and Indonesian. The barbecued fish is one of the classic Indonesian dish. As an archipelagic nation, ikan bakar is very popular in Indonesia, …

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It is prepared with kaya (coconut jam),a topping of sugar, coconut milk and eggs, pandan, and sometimes margarine or butter.

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Kupat, Tupat, Topat, Tipat, Patupat, Bugn…

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Ketupat is a type of dumpling made from rice packed inside a diamond-shaped container of woven palm leaf pouch.

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Braised Duck Noodle Soup, 鸭粥粿汁

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Koay Chiap, or braised duck noodle/porridge (鸭粥粿汁), is one of the lesser known Penang hawker dishes that is almost impossible to find outside Penang.

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Koay Teow Th’ng, koay teow soup

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Koay Teow Th’ng or Koay teow soup, is a soup made out of simple ingredients like clear broth, meat (duck, pork, chicken and/or fish balls), lettuce and chopped spring onions. It is a flavorful and affordable dish.

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Tapioca Cookies, Coconut Cookies

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This dish coconut cookie that is a staple at Malaysian holidays and the favorite in a Chinese New Year. Kueh bang it is floral-shaped cookies that are crumbly on the outside and airy on the inside and melt …

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Putu Piring, Kue Putu Ayu, Kueh Tutu

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Kue Putu Mangkok is a round-shaped traditional steamed rice flour kue or sweet snack filled with palm sugar, commonly found in Indonesia, Singapore and Malaysia. Its shape is thick round disc, owed to its container that using small …

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Kuih Cincin is a traditional kuih for the Bruneian Malay people in the states of Sabah, Malaysia as well in Brunei which literally translates to 'ring cakes' in English.

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Kuih Kosui

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Made from ground unpolished glutinous rice.

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Lemang is a traditional food made of glutinous rice, coconut milk and salt, cooked in a hollowed bamboo stick lined with banana leaves in order to prevent the rice from sticking to the bamboo. It is commonly found …

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Lobak is a deep fried five-spice pork roll wrapped in beancurd sheet. It has a crunchy exterior with a soft and chewy filling. On the island of Penang, lobak is often made at home by the Straits Chinese …

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This is a noodle dish served in a thick starchy gravy and thick flat yellow noodles.The thick gravy is made of corn starch, spices and eggs. The ingredients added into the noodles are usually ngo hiang, fish cake, …

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Kueh/kuih Makmur

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Makmur is a traditional Malay kuih. It was made from butter, ghee and flour, and served during special occasion of Eid al-Fitr. Makmur is identified with its white colour and usually in a round shape.

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Kari Ayam

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Kari Ayam is what they call this in Malaysia, in English simply Chicken Curry. It is a dish made out of chicken usually the bony parts like ribs, wings, thighs and legs marinated in a spice blend of …

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Stir-fried noodles, which take many forms. You'll often see yellow noodles quickly wok'd up with soy, garlic, shallots, and chilies; along with them might be shrimp or chicken, beef or vegetables. It's fantastic street food; many hawkers use …

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The yellow mee noodles are doused in a sauce of sweet potato and tomato, cooked (as are so many dishes) with a fried chili-based rempah. It's topped with fried egg, calamansi lime, fried tofu, fried shallots, and bean …

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