Malaysian Cuisine


lot chong, ลอดช่อง, chè ba màu

(Burmese) (Cambodian) (Indonesian) (Malaysian) (Singaporean) (0 ) (1 )

Traditional dessert originating from Indonesia which is popular in Southeast Asia such as : Malaysia, Singapore, Brunei, Cambodia, Vietnam, Thailand and Burma.

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Fried Radish Cake

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It is made with radish cake (steamed rice flour, water, and shredded white daikon), which is then stir-fried with eggs, preserved radish, and other seasonings. The radish cake is often served in large rectangular slabs which are steamed …

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Char Kuey Teow, Char Kuey Tiau

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Char kway teow, literally "stir-fried rice cake strips", is a popular noodle dish from Southeast Asia, notably in Malaysia, Singapore, Brunei and Indonesia. The dish is considered a national favourite in Malaysia and Singapore. Wikipedia

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Malaysian Chee cheong fun is similar to the Chinese rice-noodle rolls, with the difference that it comes with a little bit of chili sauce and a black, sweet, shrimpy sauce that’s gluey with maltose.

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(Brazilian) (Cambodian) (Italian) (Jamaican) (Korean) (0 ) (1 )

Korea isn’t the only Asian country in which chicken feet is a popular dish, but they do take a unique approach to preparation that sets Korean chicken feet apart from other variations. After an outer layer of thin …

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Sate made of Chicken

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This is a Malaccan food made of fermented small shrimps or krill. It is usually served as a condiment together with chillis, shallots and lime juice.…

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The spice paste of turmeric and ginger and lemongrass, chilies and belacan, imparts flavor to the coconut milk broth; along with noodles, it'll be topped with shrimp, tofu puffs (that soak up the rich broth), cucumber, fish balls, …

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mee kari, 咖喱面, 咖喱麵, Gālímiàn, 咖喱喇沙, cur…

(Chinese) (Indian) (Indian-Chinese) (Malaysian) (Singaporean) (0 ) (1 )

A dish that is unique to Malaysia and Singapore, drawing from Chinese and Indian influences. It is usually made up of thin yellow noodles or/and string thin mee-hoon (rice vermicelli) with spicy curry soup, chilli/sambal, coconut milk, and …

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(Indian) (Indonesian) (Malaysian) (Singaporean) (Thai) (0 ) (1 )

A common snack in Southeast Asia, the curry puff is one of several "puff" type pastries with different fillings, though now it is by far the most common. Other common varieties include sardines and onions or sweet fillings …

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(Chinese) (Malaysian) (Singaporean) (Thai) (0 ) (1 )

Duck Rice is a meat dish usually consumed by the Chinese community, made of either braised or roasted duck and plain white rice. The braised duck is usually cooked with yam and shrimps; it can be served simply …

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Consists of ingredients such as duck meat in hot soup with mixed herbs and slim white noodles known as mee-sua.

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Saccharum Edule

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Duruka, officially named Saccharum edule, is a perennial plant that typically grows in wet, damp soil and tropical environments. It is a tall, grass-like plant that belongs to the sugarcane species. The edible part is the flower, which …

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This is a Teochew dish popular in both Singapore and Malaysia. Variants include the ‘black’ version, which has sweet sauce (molasses) added, or a crispy version with the cake fried on top of a beaten egg to create …

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Oh Chien Oyster Omelette

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Crisp on the outside, soft and gooey on the inside. Scatters of mussels accompanied the egg with a fiery hot chili sauce on the side.…

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Gulai Ayam Padang

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This is any number of meats cooked in a thick, rich and spicy curry sauce.

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(Cambodian) (Chinese) (Indonesian) (Malaysian) (Singaporean) (0 ) (3 )

Dish adapted from early Chinese immigrants originally from the Hainan province in southern China. It is considered one of the national dishes of Singapore. Hainanese chicken rice most commonly associated with Malaysian, Hainanese and Singaporean cuisines, although it …

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Ha Mein, Ha Mee, Har Mein

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Prawn Noodle Soup

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Heong Peng means fragrant pastries in English. These pastries, which resemble slightly flattened balls, contain a sweet sticky filling made from malt and shallots, which is covered by a flaky baked crust and garnished with sesame seeds on …

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Hokkien mee is a dish in Malaysian and Singaporean cuisine that has its origins in the cuisine of China's Fujia.its most common form, the dish consists of egg noodles and rice noodles stir-fried with egg, slices of pork, …

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