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It is an Ethiopian and Eritrean celebration bread that is slightly sweet. It is often served at special occasions. It is prepared in a number of varieties; however, the most distinctive flavoring is ground cardamom seeds.…

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Ingudai Awaze Tibs

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Ethiopian mushroom sauté. Ingudai means mushroom and tibs means to saute.

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Injera is a sour and spongy round bread, made of teff flour, that’s naturally vegan and gluten-free. Sauces and dishes are commonly poured on top of the injera, which is then used as a vehicle to get the …

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Spicy Beef Stew

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Kik alicha is a split pea stew-ish dish often cooked with a light turmeric sauce. There are different kinds of alicha dishes (and ways to spell it in English), depending on the exact spices and consistency of the …

03:55PM June 04, 2016 - by: itisclaudio

kita, chechebsa

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Kitcha is a relatively thin unleavened bread typically made of wheat. Kitcha is a generally made with flour, water, and salt. It is cooked in a hot pan free-form until one side is cooked. It is then picked …

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Kitfo is the Ethiopian Steak Tartar. Made of minced raw beef marinated in mitmita (chili powder-based spice blend) and kibbeh (a clarified butter infused with herbs and spices). The word comes from the Ethio-Semitic root k-t-f, meaning "to …

06:55PM June 06, 2016 - by: itisclaudio

Misr Wot

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Traditional Red Lentil Stew, is both bold and comforting with a generous dollop of creamy Ayib cheese on top. This common red lentil stew, is a staple in Ethiopian cuisine.

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Mesir wot is a delicious (and beautifully colored) combination of split red lentils simmered in spicy berbere sauce. (Depending on the ingredients, it may be look darker.)

12:37PM July 16, 2016 - by: asma

Misir wat

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A staple for the vegetarian repertoire of Ethiopian dishes is misir wat, or red lentil stew.

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Sambusa is Ethiopia’s fried dough pastry; it can come filled with meat, but for a healthier alternative, go for the lentil filling

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Sega Wat is an Ethiopian dish where beef cubes are simmered in berbere sauce and herbal butter served with injera. It is the beef version of Doro Wat

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This is a dish common in Ethiopia, which is generally served for breakfast. It is made by slowly cooking fava beans in water. Once the beans have softened, they are crushed into a coarse paste. It is often …

12:25PM July 16, 2016 - by: asma

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Shiro is a delicious chickpea powder-based dish (sometimes also including lentils and broad beans), slow-cooked with Ethiopia’s popular — and spicy — red berbere sauce. There are several kinds of shiro to enjoy, from the soupy thin shiro …

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Tebs, T'Ibs, Tibbs

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Tibs means sauteed meat with or without vegetables. It could be hot or mild and containing little to no vegetables.

06:47PM June 06, 2016 - by: itisclaudio

Tomato Salad

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Timatim Salata is a delightful little side salad often served on top of Injera in Ethiopian and Eritrean cuisine. Timatim Salata is a welcome bite after the very spicy wat dishes. This is often times made with the …

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Tsebhe, We̠t’, Wot

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Wat is an Ethiopian and Eritrean stew prepared with meat, vegetables, niter kibbeh, spices. Meat can be chicken, beef, or lamb. Wat is traditionally eaten with injera.

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Zilzil tibs is an Ethiopian dish kind of a hybrid between a stir fry and a stew. Strips of tender beef sauteed in butter, herbs, spices and vegetables. It is meaty, rich and can be very spicy, traditionally …

04:57PM April 06, 2020 - by: itisclaudio