Dominican Cuisine


Churumbeles, Coquitos

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It is made of creamy coconut center covered in a thin layer of crunchy, candied caramel.

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Afro-Puerto Rican dish with fried plantains as its main ingredient. Plantains are picked green and mashed with salt and water in a wooden pilón, a kitchen device also known as mortar and pestle.…

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Translation: "to die dreaming", is a signature drink of the Dominican Republic usually made of orange juice, milk, cane sugar, and chopped ice. Sometimes vanilla extract is also added, or evaporated milk is used instead of regular milk.

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Moro De Guandules is a popular dish made with rice, pigeon peas, coconut and enjoyed by Dominicans on a regular basis.

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It is one of the most common side dishes eaten in the Dominican Republic. It’s rice cooked with black or red kidney beans and is a popular dish not only in the Dominican but throughout Latin America and …

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Niños envueltos is a traditional Dominican dish consisting of rice and ground beef that is wrapped in cabbage and cooked in tomato sauce. Apart from the main ingredients, the dish also often contains garlic, basil, bell peppers, and …

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Pica Pollo is a Dominican fried chicken that’s been seasoned with lemon, garlic, and most importantly: Dominican oregano.

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Beer of the American Adjunct Lager style with Brewed by: Cervecería Nacional Dominicana Dominican Republic Alcohol by volume (ABV): 5.00%

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Shrimp Asopao is a rice stew cooked with shrimps in the Dominican Republic. It is similar to Asopao De Pollo.

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Meringue Kisses

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Suspiritos is one of the simplest Dominican desserts made with a combination of egg whites, lime juice, and powdered sugar. The name of this dessert can be translated as meringue kisses. When prepared, suspiritos are consumed immediately, and …

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Patacones, Fritos Verdes

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Tostones, from the Spanish verb tostar which means "to toast"), also known as patacones, (Dominican Republic) and banan peze (Haiti) are fried plantain slices, and are a popular side dish in many Latin American countries. They are known …

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Yaniqueque is a deep-fried treat is said to get its name from Johnnycakes, brought over by English-speaking migrants in the 19th century. However, yaniqueque are made with flour instead of cornmeal and are completely different from American johnnycakes.

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Yaroa is a traditional dish originating from Santiago in the Dominican Republic. This casserole is prepared in many versions throughout the country, but it's most often made with mashed sweet plantains, beef, pork, chicken, cheese, fries, and condiments …

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Yuca Encebollada is a simple yet hearty side dish that’s rich in starch and sugars. It’s usually eaten boiled, fried or mashed.

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