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Asopao De Pollo is a yummy, one-dish meal that resembles a chicken and rice gumbo or jambalaya. It’s not quite a soup and quite a stew.

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It is stewed salted cod — a fish that’s very popular in the Caribbean. Bacalao is enjoyed in the Dominican year round, but it’s especially common during Easter and Lent.

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Batata Frita is a variety of sweet potato with white flesh. Boniato is less sweet than its orange-fleshed counterpart but has a fluffier consistency and a delicate flavor.

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Batida De Lechoza is a smoothie made with Papaya, milk, and vanilla extract.

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It is one of the foods Dominicans inherited from their native forefathers, the Taínos. Traditionally, it’s made by grating yuca into a flour and then cooking it on a hot plate.

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Chapea is a hearty Dominican stew made with beans, rice, and vegetables such as plantains, auyama squash, onions, green peppers, carrots, and garlic. The stew is usually flavoured with coriander and sour orange juice or lime juice. When …

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Chimi Burger, Dominican Burger, Chimi

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Chimichurri is a type of street burger that is topped with cabbage and a sweet sauce made with ketchup and mayonnaise.

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It is tender, braised goat meat that’s usually enjoyed in the northwest region of the island.

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Los Tres Golpes

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This is one of my guiltiest pleasures, “Los Tres Golpes”, the traditional Dominican breakfast of fried eggs, mangu, fried salami, fried cheese , and fried longaniza (not shown here). I can tell you, I only indulge once in …

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Dulce De Coco is a creamy, coconut and milk dessert. With only five ingredients, it’s a quick and easy fix to any sweet tooth craving.

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Habichuelas Con Dulce is a rich, sweet cream made with slow-cooked beans, sweet potato, coconut and sugar.

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Stewed Bean

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A cheap, abundant source of protein, beans and pulses are very common in Latin American and Caribbean cuisine, and the Dominican Republic is no exception. They are a staple of Dominican foods, and Habichuelas Guisadas is served with …

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Jugo De Chinola is a juice which is made with passion fruit.

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It is perhaps the most commonly eaten meal in the Dominican. La Bandera (meaning “the flag”) consists of white rice, stewed beans and a meat dish that’s usually stewed or roasted.

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It is the Dominican equivalent of Spanish paella. It’s made by cooking rice and meat — usually chicken or pork — all in the same pot so that the rice is infused with the meat flavors. Variations of …

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Green plantains have long been a staple in most Latino households everywhere from the Caribbean to Latin America. Maduros or Ripe fried plantains can be served as a side dish, such as with fried eggs and ham. The …

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It is one of the island’s most cherished desserts. It’s a silky, sweet pudding made with freshly grated corn off the cob. Cuba and Puerto Rico also have a dish called majarete. While the Dominican version is similar …

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Mamajuana is a native drink made with Rum, Red wine, Tree bark, Spices, Herbs. Aside from being an all-around delicious alcoholic beverage, legend has it that this drink is viewed as an aphrodisiac and has many medicinal purposes.

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Mangú is made up of boiled green plantains. The plantains are then mashed with the water it has been boiling in. It is topped with sauteed red onions that have been cooked with apple cider vinegar. Queso Frito …

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