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Boule is a traditional shape of French bread, resembling a squashed ball. Boule is a rustic loaf shape that can be made of any type of flour. A boule can be leavened with commercial yeast, chemical leavening, or …

11:50AM December 22, 2017 - by: anika854

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Daraba is a Chadian stew made with chopped okra, mixed vegetables, tomatoes, stock cubes, and smooth peanut butter, giving the dish a unique flavour. It is usually served with rice, boiled cassava, or boiled plantains on the side.

03:48AM November 02, 2020 - by: atasneem

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Jarret de boeuf is a traditional Chadian stew consisting of beef cooked with vegetables such as carrots, sweet potatoes, leeks, and aubergines. The stew should be cooked for at least two hours until the meat and vegetables become …

03:46AM November 02, 2020 - by: atasneem

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La bouillie is a Chadian breakfast made with rice or wheat combined with milk, flour, and peanut butter. The dish is always served hot after it has been boiled to a thick consistency. Although it is typically prepared …

03:39AM November 02, 2020 - by: atasneem

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Maharagwe is red kidney beans cooked in coconut milk. It is served hot with ugali, rice, chapati, or even mandazi. It can either be sweet or savory.

02:23AM June 20, 2020 - by: atasneem

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Peanut and Squash Stew is a Chadian food. Cubed squash and onions are fried with spices, then combined with water to make a broth. When the squash becomes tender, salt, sugar, and coarsely chopped peanuts are added for …

03:43AM November 02, 2020 - by: atasneem