Chilean Cuisine


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This restorative stew, so brothy that it's almost a soup, is enjoyed in small towns throughout Chile—where it is often served on Mondays as a means of using up leftovers from the traditional Sunday barbecue.

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Pork roll peasant style

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Arrollado Huaso is a marinated roll of pork meat. When a pig is ready to be slaughtered after a long fattening up, it means winter is knocking at the door of the homes in the South and so, …

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Barros Jarpa is a popular sandwich in Chilean cuisine that includes ham and melted cheese. It is named after the 19th century Chilean Minister Ernesto Barros Jarpa, and was coined in the restaurant of the National Congress of …

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Barros Luco is a hot sandwich in Chile that includes beef and melted cheese in one of several types of bread. The sandwich is named after Chilean president Ramón Barros Luco, and was coined in the restaurant of …

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Bisteck A Lo Pobre

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Bistec a lo Pobre is a satisfying meal popular throughout most of South America. The basic elements of bistec a lo pobre are steak, fried potatoes, fried onions, and fried eggs. The name roughly translates to "poor man's …

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Bistec a la Chorrillana, Chorillana

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Born in the harbor of Valparaiso, this dish is made with French fries, finely cut onion, spicy sausage, beefsteak and, crowning it all, one or two fried eggs. At the “J Cruz M” traditional restaurant of the harbor, …

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Conger Eel Soup

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Caldillo de congrio is a Chilean fish soup made of congrio Dorado or Colorado, a cusk-eel species common in the Chilean Sea. The dish is made by boiling together fish heads, onion, garlic, coriander, carrots and pepper. Once …

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Vegetables and meat minestrone-like soup

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Carbonada is a very traditional winter stew of the Chilean cuisine. There are versions of this soup in other cuisines of Latin America and here in Chile, it is prepared with potatoes, pumpkin, carrots, green beans and varied …

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Traditional Chilean Meat Casserol

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Cazuela stew with walnut sauce

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Cazuela Nogada is not an exclusively Chilean dish, but in the El Almendral area, in the province of Chacabuco and close to Los Andes, they make the Poultry Cazuela with Walnut Sauce. It is an ingenious and invigorating …

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Chacarero is a Chilean sandwich made with thinly sliced churrasco-style steak, or lomito-style pork on a round roll with tomatoes, green beans and chili pepper.

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Chancaca is a typical Peruvian, Bolivian, and Chilean warm, sweet sauce made of raw unrefined sugar from sugarcane. It is often flavored with orange peel and cinnamon and is consumed on sopaipillas or picarones. In Colombia, chancacas are …

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Popular Chilean condiment, typically a mix of tomatoes, chopped onions and garlic, red chile pepper paste, green peppers, and cilantro traditionally prepared in a stone mortar and pestle called a chancho en piedra. The mortar may have had …

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Potato bread with flour

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Although another typically Chiloe Island preparation, it can be found in many of the meals of austral Chile due to the migrations of the Grand Island people to the mainland in the Magallanes region. Very similar to Milcao, …

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Dried horsemeat, jerky

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Charqui is dried and salted horsemeat. The Spaniards came to America bringing garlic and charqui, and in Chile, it was prepared with the meat of the oldest horses during the Conquest, especially for the winter, when the cattle …

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These sweets may not be as popular as they once were, but still make appearances at almost every old school bakery and on tables during holidays. Manjar is spread and sandwiched between two flat cracker-like biscuits before it …

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Chorrillana is a Chilean dish consisting of a plate of french fries topped with different types of sliced meat, sausages and other ingredients. Most commonly scrambled or fried eggs, and fried onions. Because of its large size, it …

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Intestines with toasted wheat flour

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Made with the innards of cow or pork, stuffed with meat paste and animal fat, the chunchules are braided and then fried with hot chili peppers and served with steamed potatoes. The ones with toasted flour are first …

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(literally, monkey's tail) is a traditional Chilean drink served around Christmas time, very much like the tradition of serving eggnog during Christmas in North America. As far as texture and taste, it can be fairly compared to the …

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Completo is the Chilean version of a loaded hot dog. It is a very traditional street food dish served by street vendors and other casual restaurants.

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