Argentine Cuisine


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Fugazza is a common type of Argentinian pizza originating in Buenos Aires that consists of a thick, soft and airy pizza crust topped with onions, cheese, oregano and sometimes olives.

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Grilled Gaucho Steak With Chimichurri is a Argentina's dish.

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The Humita is one of the oldest Chilean dishes, though there are some similar preparations in the Peruvian and Ecuadorian cooking. They are the consequence of the abundance of corn during the summer plus a little ingenuity and …

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Locro (from the Quechua ruqru) is a hearty thick stew popular along the Andes mountain range. It's one of the national dishes of Argentina, Bolivia, Peru and Ecuador. The dish is a classic corn, beans, and potato or …

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Sandwich De Lomo, Steak Sandwich

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Lomito is a star of the Argentine street food. Lomito is a extreme version of a steak sandwich. The steak is slashed grilled on a flat top grill. Some topins are added like: tomatoes, lettuce, onion, chimichurri, mayonnaise, …

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Malbec is a red wine made from the grape variety of the same name. Malbec is known for its deep purple color and full body. Malbec grapes are small and dark in color with very thick skins, producing …

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Matambre Arollado, Matambre Relleno

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Matambre is an Argentinian beef dish that is made by rolling vegetables, eggs and savory ingredients such as sausage and spices in a flattened flank steak. The steak usually is slow cooked, either in a broth or over …

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Mate is a traditional South American caffeine-rich infused drink.It is prepared by steeping dried leaves of yerba mate (Ilex paraguariensis, known in Portuguese as erva-mate) in hot water and is served with a metal straw from a shared …

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Mbeju is a starch cake sometimes made with fariña or manioc flour. The mbeju is a staple of the Paraguayan diet. Wikipedia

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Medialunas are traditional Argentinian sweet croissants. They can be found in panaderias in Buenos Aires and throughout Argentina. Medialunas are occasionally filled with dulce de leche or pastry cream. Medialunas can also be used to make sandwiches or …

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The milanesa is a South American variation of cotoletta, or schnitzel, where generic types of meat breaded cutlet preparations are known as a milanesa. A milanesa consists of a thin slice of beef, chicken, fish, veal, or sometimes …

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Milanesa napolitana is a variation on the breaded fried steak called milanesa that is popular in Argentina.

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Milanesa De Berenjenas A La Parmesana is an Argentina's traditional dish.

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Pascualina is an Argentian's traditional dish.

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Pasta Frola

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Pastafrola is a type of sweet-tart common to Argentina, Paraguay, Uruguay and Greece.Pastafrola is a covered, jam-filled shortcrust pastry dish principally made from flour, sugar and egg. Common fillings include quince cheese, dulce de batata (sweet potato jam), …

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Pastel De Choclo is a South American dish based on sweetcorn or choclo. First documented as a dish in Chile, it is now a typical Argentine, Bolivian,and Peruvian dish. It is also similar to pastel de elote, found …

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Generally eaten to celebrate Independence Day, pastelitos are a point of Argentine patriotic pride. Flaky puff pastry is filled with sweet quince or sweet potato paste and formed into a flower or pinwheel shape, then deep fried in …

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In various South American countries such as Argentina, Uruguay, Venezuela, Colombia, Peru and Cuba, piononos are prepared using a dough made of flour, eggs, and sugar, which is baked in a thin sheet then rolled around a filling …

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Pollo Al Disco is an Argentinian traditional dish.

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Argentineans give whole new meaning to grilled cheese with provoleta. A consequence of the significant Italian immigration to Argentina, provoleta is the country’s variant on provolone cheese. Pungent and sharp, sliced discs are topped with herbs, like oregano …

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