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It is varied by region and greatly affected by the cross-cultural influences in Sudan throughout history. Meals include Elmaraara and Umfitit, which are made from sheep's offal (including the lungs, liver, and stomach), onions, peanut butter, and salt. They are eaten raw. Several stews, including Mullah, Waika, Bussaara, and Sabaroag use Ni'aimiya (Sudanese spice mix) and dried okra. Miris is a stew made from sheep's fat, onions, and dried okra. Sharmout Abiyad is made from dried meat, while Kajaik is made from dried fish. Stews are regularly eaten with a sorghum porridge called Asseeda or Asseeda Dukun. In Equatoria, Mouloukhiya (a local green vegetable) is added to the Asseeda. Sudanese soups include Kawari, made from cattle or sheep hooves with vegetables, and Elmussalammiya, made from liver, flour, dates, and spices.

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(0 ) سلطة الجزر, Салат З… (Sudanese)
Salaat Jazar is a popular Sudanese carrot salad.
(0 ) مرارة (Sudanese)
Elmaraara is a popular porridge eaten as an appetizer in Sudan. It is made of parts of sheep like the …
(0 ) Rice Stuffed Vegeta… (Sudanese)
Mahshi literally means ‘Stuffed’. Mahshi is a traditional Arabian method of preparing stuffed vegetables and different types of squash in …
(0 ) Spicy Peanut Meat S… (Sudanese)
Agashé is a stable of popular Saudi street food. Marinated meat is coated in a spicy penut powder, put in …
Kajaik is a popular Sudanese fish stew. It consists of dry fish and is normally eaten together with porridge and …
(0 ) Nuaimiyah (Sudanese)
This unique dish is a must-have on iftar tables if you come from Sudan. It is a soup like a …
Umfitit is an appetizer that is served in Sudan. The main ingredients of Umfitit are sheep lungs, liver and stomach. …
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