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The cuisine of Mozambique has deeply been influenced by the Portuguese, who introduced new crops, flavorings, and cooking methods. The staple food for many Mozambicans is ncima, a thick porridge made from maize/corn flour. Cassava and rice are also eaten as staple carbohydrates.

Mozambican food is rich in meats, fish, and shellfish. Piri piri, a traditional hot sauce, is added to most meat and fish dishes. It is made from hot peppers or chilies, lemon juice, and spices boiled down to a thick paste.

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Ncima is Mozambican dish eaten by locals as its staple dish on an almost daily basis. The dish is ground …
(0 ) Piri-piri Sauce, Pe… (Mozambican) (Portuguese)
Piri piri sauce is traditionally made with sweet pimento peppers as well as spicy chiles, and often contains garlic as …
(0 ) Paõ (Mozambican)
Pao as they are popularly called can be found almost everywhere in Mozambique. They are bread rolls typically made in …
Bolo Polana is a Mozambican dessert made of cashew and potato. Polana is the name of a neighborhood in Maputo, …
Matapa is a typical Mozambican dish, prepared with young cassava leaves, which are usually ground in a large wooden mortar …
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