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Cameroonian cuisine is one of the most varied in Africa due to its location on the crossroads between the north, west, and centre of the continent; the diversity in ethnicity with mixture ranging from Bantus, Semi-bantus and Shua-Arabs. Added to this is the influence of German colonialisation and later the French and English annexation of different parts of the country.
The soil of most of the country is very fertile and a wide variety of vegetables and fruits, both domestic and imported species, are grown. These include:

hot pepper/Penja white pepper

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Ndole is a Cameroonian dish consisting of stewed nuts, ndoleh (bitter leaves indigenous to West Africa), and fish or beef. …
Poulet DG is a tasty Cameroonian poultry dish made with a combination of chicken and ripe plantains in a hearty …
(0 ) Yellow Soup (Cameroonian)
Achu soup is a dish from Cameroon. It is traditionally prepared and consumed by the Ngemba people from the Northwest …
Corn chaff is a hearty Cameroonian stew utilizing corn and beans as the key ingredients. Corn and beans are slowly …
Sangah is a Cameroonian specialty, a simple dish that is made with cassava leaves, palm oil, and maize. Cassava leaves …
(0 ) Kwacoco Bible (Cameroonian)
Kwacoco is a Cameroonian dish made with mashed cocoyam that is then wrapped in banana leaves and steamed. The dish …
Kpwem is a vegetarian dish from Cameroon made with young and tender manioc leaves as the key ingredient. The leaves …
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Cameroon is a country in central Africa. There are different foods of Cameron that are very popular. Here is the list of dishes popular in Cameroon.