Burundian Cuisine


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Burundi cuisine is very representative of the African culinary culture, as it includes beans, which are the staple of Burundi cooking, exotic fruits (mainly bananas) plantains, sweet potatoes, cassava, peas, maize and cereals, like corn and wheat. Profiteroles are also sometimes enjoyed as a rare delicacy. Not much meat is consumed in Burundi because animal breeding is a secondary occupation; still, there are some dishes that include goat and sheep meat but cows are very sacred.

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(0 ) Boko-boko, Boku-boku (Burundian)
Boko Boko is the national dish of Burundi. It is a sort of porridge made from shredded meat, bulghur wheat …
Elephant Soup is a national dish of Burundi and also Africa. Elephant soup is very delicious and tasty. This is …
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