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Claypot Rice


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Claypot rice consists of rice cooked in Chinese specific pots over high heat. When the rice is cooked, a fatty meat such as sausage or eel is added. The meat's oil helps fry the rice to make it crispy and slightly burnt at the bottom. …

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Sonntagsstuten, Butterstuten, Platz

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Stuten is a soft, fluffy sweetbread traditionally baked without eggs. It is significantly less oily than the French's Brioche Pur Beurre, with a flour to butter ratio that ranges from 10:1 to 20:1, instead of a range from 2:1 to 5:1. It is denser than …

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White Cut Chicken

白切鸡, Sliced Chicken

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White-cut chicken, similar to Hainan chicken, is sought out for the collagen gel that forms under its skin. The collagen forms due to the cooking process, and has a slippery fatty texture akin to bone marrow. It is served lukewarm with a ginger-scallion dipping oil …

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