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Portuguese Pot Roast

(Azorean) (Portuguese) (0 )

Alcatra or Portuguese Pot Roast is a traditional dish of the Azores. It is made with a blade, pancetta, veal shank, onion, garlic, spice, salt, butter, red wine. Alcatra is a slow-cooked meat and very rich in flavor.

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Algonquin Cocktail

(American) (0 )

Algonquin cocktail demonstrates how well the Whiskey and pineapple together can work. This tropical whiskey martini adds dry vermouth to the mix, which marries the two distinct flavors. Enjoy it with a summer meal and you're sure to enjoy its complex beauty.

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All Day IPA Beer

(American) (0 )

All Day IPA is an "IPA - American" style beer with 4.7% Alcohol by volume (ABV) and 42 IBU. Brewed by Founders Brewing Company, Michigan, United States. 12 oz contains 150 calories

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Almond And Amaranth Laddu

(Indian) (0 )

Almond and Amaranth Laddus are a healthy snack option to binge on when you crave something sweet or you can even make them quickly during the festival season to relish with family and friends.

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Älplermakkaronen, Älplermagronen

(Swiss) (0 )

Älplermagronen (also Älplermakkaronen) is the name of a dish from the Swiss Alps, consisting of pasta, potatoes, cream, cheese and onions. The name is made up of Alpine as a term for Sennen on the Alps and macaroni, which as a loan word from the …

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Alsace Onion Tart

(French) (0 )

Alsace Onion Tart is a french dish. It is prepared with Fromage blanc, crème Fraiche, nutmeg, yellow onion, bacon, thing dough crust. It is eaten during lunch or dinner.

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Amaranth Leaves


(Zambian) (0 )

Amaranth leaves are a Zambian dish. The main ingredients are Amaranth, tomato, onion, salt, oil. It is prepared by frying the Amarnath in oil with onion, salt, tomato. It is very healthy and rich in nutrients.

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(Japanese) (0 )

Amezaiku (飴細工) is a Japanese candy craft artistry. An artist takes multi-coloured mizuame and, using their hands and other tools such as tweezers and scissors, creates a sculpture. It is made with sugar syrup, corn syrup, edible paint, flavour.

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Amritsari Fish Pakora

(Indian-Punjabi) (0 )

Amritsari Fish Pakora is an Indian style fish fried with spices. It is an absolute favourite fish recipe from the city of ‘Amritsar’ in Punjab which comes in the Northern part of India. Amritsari Fish Pakora is a lightly battered fish fry in Indian spices, …

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Ancho Chilli And Date Chocolate Tart

(Mexican) (0 )

Ancho chili and date chocolate tart is a combo dessert of Mexico which is very unusual. It is made with cold unsalted butter, flour, icing sugar, cinnamon, cinnamon icecream, ancho chili, Mexican chocolate, dark rum, glucose The chocolate, and sweet dates subdue the chili's power, …

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(Basque) (Spanish) (0 )

Angulas are the traditional appetizer of Spain. They're also one of Spain's most expensive foods. The texture of Angulas is soft and meaty. The authentic way to cook angulas is frying hot peppers and garlic in olive oil, then adding the Angulas to the mix. …

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Apple Fritters

(Belgian) (English) (0 )

Apple fritters are an amazing Belgian dessert that can be made with fewer ingredients like apple, milk, egg, sugar, etc within a few minutes. It is served hot and enjoyed by the Belgium people.

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(Catalan) (Spanish) (0 )

Arbequina is small, round olives native to the Spanish city of Arbeca, formerly known as Arbequa. Ripe arbequina olives have a firm, meaty texture and fruity flavour. They range from light pink to dark orange in colour, and although they can be brined and served …

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Arepas De Queso

Arepas Con Queso, Cheese-stuffed Arepas

(Colombian) (0 )

Arepas de queso are a small flat, round unleavened patties made out of maize (corn flour) that are stuffed with cheese.

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Arròs Brut

(Balearic) (0 )

Arròs brut is a traditional Balearic dish. It's made with a combination of onions, tomatoes, rice, mushrooms, pieces of meat such as chicken or rabbit, and vegetables such as peas, red peppers, and green beans. The name of the dish means dirty rice, and it's …

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Arroz Con Queso

Cheese Rice

(Bolivian) (0 )

Arroz con queso is a traditional Bolivian dish. It consists of rice (preferably short and plump, such as Arborio), milk, and semi-firm white cheese. Rich and creamy, this popular dish can often be found alongside churrasco dishes and other grilled meat dishes.

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Arroz De Tomate

Portuguese Tomato Rice

(Portuguese) (0 )

Arroz de Tomate is also called Portuguese Tomato Rice is a Portuguese dish prepared with rice, olive oil, bacon fat, spices, tomatoes, onions, It is very popular in the country. It also tastes delicious.

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Asado De Tira

(Uruguayan) (0 )

Asado de Tira is a Uruguayan dish which consists of short ribs prepared in a nice way. It is usually prepared with ribs, oil, spices, herbs. It can be enjoyed with a glass of fine wine.

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(-African-) (-Caribbean-) (Jamaican) (0 )

Asham is a quick and easy 2 ingredient Caribbean corn based old school snack made from shelled corn that is parched then ground to a fine texture and sweetened to taste.

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Atta Ladoo

Gond Ke Ladoo

(Indian) (0 )

Atta ladoo or gond ke ladoo are round or sphere-shaped Indian sweets made with whole wheat flour (atta) and edible gum (gond) along with liberal use of ghee (clarified butter) and sugar. To give extra crunch and enhance the nutrition, finely cut pieces of dry …

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