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Adding Poha in Breakfast Can Help In Weight Loss

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People who are struggling with weight loss should keep in mind that crash diets are not always effective. One of the household ingredients that can serve the purpose of super food is poha. It not only helps in reducing those extra inches but also promotes …

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Best Indian Spices and Namkeens

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Introduction Namkeen is a much-loved snack in India. It is a quick snack and choice of one and all. Everyone enjoys munching on these snacks at tea time or sometimes when we feel a little hungry in between meals, or even at times when we …

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Delectable Ways To Use Leftover Poha

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one can easily buy poha online from the Indore Online website. You may experiment quite a bit with this intriguing recipe by adding your preferred vegetables and even topping it with your preferred savoury ingredients, such as roasted peanuts, crunchy fried sev, or namkeen. Making …

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Delicious and Best Quality Namkeen from Indore

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You can now get delicious and best quality namkeen from Indore wherever you are in Mumbai The most challenging question for individuals who live alone or are regular office goers in Mumbai is what to eat for breakfast. The day's itinerary is more accessible than …

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Delicious Recipes With Chana Dal Papad

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There are numerous mouthwatering ways to dress up papad, from rolls and chaats to bruschetta and nachos! Unquestionably, one of the most popular side dishes for an Indian meal is papad. The fried treats, which come in a variety of sizes and shapes, add more …

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Everything You Need To Know About Papads And its I

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Papad is typically made from flours made out of dals and most of the varieties are a good source of protein and fiber. They are free from gluten and can be consumed by people with gluten intolerance. Manufacturers are now offering varieties of Papad online …

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Flavourful recipes you can make using bhujiya namk

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Bhujiya and namkeens can elevate our mood and satiate our hunger at the same time. Google is always there as a friend and we can type “namkeen shop near me”. The search results do not strike our fancy. We become more specific – “Indori namkeen …

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How To Enjoy Your Tea Time With Snacks

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Whether you like it or not, watching TV or having a cup of tea in the evening feels incomplete without a bowl of namkeen on the table. Not only does it give you a lip-smacking taste to complete your tea time but it also helps …

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How to Make Jeeravan Masala at Home

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Also known as Indori Poha Masala, Indori Jeeravan Masala ensures an authentic taste of Indian cuisine in your meal. This masala is being used in India for ages and is known to aid digestion, and can even keep your body warm in the winter season. …

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Indore's Street Foods You Can Eat Anytime, Anywher

Indore Famous Namkeen Shop In Mumbai

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Every foodie can find something to enjoy in Indore. There is something for everyone's taste buds, whether they prefer “sweets,” "namkeen," "chaat," or Mughlai cuisine. For every cuisine enthusiast, Sarafa Bazaar and Chapan Bhog Chowk are must-visit locations. Some things are worth trying before you …

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Indori Poha – A Simple Weighted Breakfast

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Indori Poha is likely to be originated from the cities of Madhya Pradesh, especially from Indore. It is made from flattened rice and is usually served with a combination of Jalebi. Unlike other types of Poha prepared in different parts of India, Indori Poha is …

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Indulge in the Sweet and Savory taste of hot Gulab

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Everyone loves to savor the spongy deep-fried berry-sized balls dipped in sugar syrup. While some prefer to enjoy it plain others prefer it with vanilla ice cream, hot chocolate, or other desserts to create a mouth-watering combination. One can never say no to this luscious …

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Instant Idli: A Wholesome Meal

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Recipes with instant idli mix Since instant rava idli is nutritious, you can consume it frequently to reap all of its health benefits. Eating the same idli every day will become boring. In order to break the monotony, you can try a few other variants. …

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Instant Jalebi Mix

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Jalebi is a well-known Indian sweet and ranks in the top 10 popular sweets of India. Lately born in the North region, slowly Jalebi became famous all over the country. It is consumed as a dessert or as a quick snack and can be consumed …

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Looking For a Low-Calorie Snack? Try Papad

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For people that are suffering from being overweight, a pocket-friendly snack that can quench there hunger pranks is moong dal papad. When it is about eating healthy most people think about western food. It clearly shows how much people underestimate the value of Desi food. …

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Make delectable Indori Poha with instant Jeeravan

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Introduction Do you want to add some healthful flair to your regular cooking? Make some Indori Poha with the Indori Jeeravan Masala! For those who are unaware, Jeeravan Masala is a unique spice mixture from Indore, Madhya Pradesh. This masala is often created with more …

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Make Delicious Poha with Jeeravan Masala

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Mostly used in Poha, Indori jeeravan masala is a mixture of special homemade spices that can also be used to enhance the taste of sandwiches, fruits, salads, sprouts, chaat, and other snacks as well. Jeeravan Masala Indori Jeeravan masala is a famous recipe of Gujarat …

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Make Mouth-Watering Jalebis at Home

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In India, Jalebi is another popular and much-loved sweet dish. Used as a dessert or a quick snack, it is a choice of one and all. Jalebi is basically a crispy saffron-colored sweet, made from fermented wheat and lentil, dipped in sugar syrup. This sweet …

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Mouth-watering Indori Namkeen near me

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Introduction India indeed has a wide variety of mouthwatering and exquisite namkeens. One could become perplexed about which option to select when faced with a plethora of indori namkeen near me options. Namkeen is the best food partner you can have, whether it's for your …

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Namkeen – The Best Indian Snack

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Indian namkeen is one of the best snacks in-between meals. Indians cuisine is incomplete without a dash of tangy namkeen. People of all ages like to munch this salty and spicy snack when they are having a cup of tea when they are watching a …

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