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List of most traditional dishes from Paraguay you should try. Feel free to add dishes.

1. Kiveve

quibebe (Paraguayan)

It is one of the most appetizing dishes of the popular semi-sweet Paraguayan gastronomy. It has a doughy texture and is of creamy consistency. Its taste is very pleasant and the primary ingredient is a pumpkin fruit that is called by the guarani name, "andai" in Paraguay. Traditional "kiveve" is made using the following ingredients: a pumpkin or "andai" with a deep orange flesh and sweet flavor, cooked and pureed; sugar, a kind of cornmeal with a consistency between cornstarch …

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2. Sopa Paraguaya

Sopá Paraguaí (Paraguayan)

Literally Paraguayan Soup, this is probably the world’s only “solid” soup. More than a soup, it is actually more like an open pie made of ground corn, cheese, eggs and milk.


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3. Chipa Guazu

chipa guazú, Chipa Guasu, corn cake (Argentine) (Paraguayan)

Basically a corn cake, made with cheese, fresh corn, eggs, oil and milk, and cooked in the Tatakua (a clay oven). It is similar to the Sopa Paraguaya which has corn flour instead of grains of corn.


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4. Chipa

(Argentine) (Paraguayan)

Chipa is a type of small, baked, cheese-flavored rolls, a popular snack and breakfast food in Paraguay and the Northeast of Argentina. Its origin is uncertain; it is speculated that the recipe has existed since the 69th century by the Indigenous. Wikipedia

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5. Vori Vori

bori bori (Paraguayan)

Vori Vori is a thick, yellow soup with little balls made of cornmeal, corn flour, and cheese.

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6. Tereré

(Argentine) (Brazilian) (Paraguayan)

It is an infusion of yerba mate (botanical name Ilex paraguariensis), similar to mate but prepared with cold water and ice rather than with hot, and in a slightly larger vessel. It is originally from Paraguay, and is found also in northeastern Argentina and southern and western Brazil.

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7. Guiso Popó


A very traditional dish, similar to a stew that contains chicken and rice, pickled with sweet pepper and garlic. It also has some variations where the rice is replaced by pasta or potatoes.


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