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List of dishes that are considered to have health benefits if consumed.

1. Kadha

Concoction (Indian)

Kadha is an Ayurvedic home remedy that can protect you, make you stronger from within and also help in fighting seasonal infections. Its a decoction of edible herbs and spices. Kadha can work wonder for your immunity during monsoon. It is prepared with giloy guduchi , honey, cinnamon, tulsi, ginger.

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2. Chicken Noodle

chicken soup (American)

Clasic and comforting soup made of chicken and noodles.

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3. Saffron Almond Milk

Kesar Badam Dudh (Indian)

Kesar milk is whole milk insured with the goodness of saffron. It is widely consumed across India for health benefits. Kesar means saffron in India. It also goes by the name kungumapoo in Tamil. Almond is also added to the milk to increase its taste.

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4. Chinese Swallow's Nest Soup With …


Chinese swallow's nest soup with rock sugar is a sweet dessert soup made from the nests of the swiftlet, a type of swallow. Legend has it that consuming bird's nest soup can restore one's health and beauty and reverse the effects of aging. Swallow Nest is extremely rare and is valuable.

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5. Aamras

Sweet Pureed Mangoes (Indian)

Aamras is a one of the most popular Indian summer dessert made of sweet, juicy & ripe pureed mangoes flavoured with sugar or jaggery. Mango is considered the king of fruits in India and no summer season is complete without the mention of aamras. It is a very popular sweet dish which is normally served along with food or as a dessert all over India in the summers. It is especially popular in western states like Gujarat and Maharashtra, where …

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