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There are many people who hate bugs . But when it comes to food, bugs can be used to make delicious food as bugs are rich in protein. Bugs are edible and harmless. The list represents the bug food from around the world.

1. Meal Worm Cupcake


Mealworm cupcake is originated from Netherland. It is prepared with mealworm, egg, flour, sugar, whipped cream, salt, baking powder. It is similar to cupcake but bugs are added to the toppings as well as with the ingredients.

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2. Casu Marzu

(French) (Italian)

Casu Marzu is a traditional Sardinian sheep milk cheese that contains live insect larvae (maggots). A variation of the cheese, casgiu merzu, is also produced in some Southern Corsican villages. It is mainly originated from Italy and France. Casu Marzu is a rotten cheese. The larvae can survive stomach acid for this reason it is banned in some areas.

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3. Spicy Palm Weevil Larvae

Akokuno, Gusano (Mexican) (Nigerian)

Spicy Palm Weevil Larvae, also known as Akokuno is a delicacy eaten in Nigeria and Mexico. It is prepared with palm weevil larvae, palm oil, onion, peppers, salt. Larvae are healthy as it is rich in protein.

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4. Mealworm Quiches


Mealworm quiches are a delicacy of Netherlands. It is similar to Quiche but made with worms which are rich in protein. It is prepared with pie crust, worms, salt, spices, herbs, cheese. The combo of worms and quiche is delicious.

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5. Escamoles Tacos

Ant Egg Tacos (Mexican)

Escamoles tacos also known as Ant egg tacos is a Mexican delicacy. It is prepared with ants egg, butter, garlic, salt, tacos. The ant egg tastes like buttery and nutty. It is very delicious in taste that you should try.

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6. Suri


These Amazonian grubs are the larvae of the palm weevil, known as a cocotero in Peru or a larva de palma in Spanish. They are commonly found residing in the aguaje tree, a plant that is extremely widespread throughout the Amazon, to such an extent that it’s a commonly recognized emblem of the entire region.

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7. Chapulines


Spicy grasshopper fried or toasted on a comal with chili, lime, and garlic added for flavor. Chapulines are a popular snack in Mexico, specially in Oaxaca. You can eat them, either by crunching them one by one, or putting them on a tostada or in a taco with some guacamole.

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8. Fried Spider


Fried spider is a regional snack in Cambodia. It is also the street food of Cambodia. Usually, spider is fried and seasoned and served with sauce. It is very crispy and delicious.

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9. Beondegi


Beondegi is a popular snack sold by street vendors in Korea.It is made with silkworm pupae.The boiled or steamed snack food is served in paper cups with toothpick skewers.

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