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Mediterranean sauce made of garlic and olive oil; in some regions other emulsifiers such as egg are used. The names mean "garlic and oil" in Catalan and Provençal. Wikipedia

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Ajoarriero is a traditional Spanish dish originating from the Basque Country and Navarre. It consists of shredded salt cod that's combined with chopped ingredients such as tomatoes, garlic, onions, red and green peppers, hot peppers, and potatoes. In …

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Ajo blanco, White Gazpacho

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This is a popular Spanish cold soup typical from Granada and Andalusia. This dish is made of bread, crushed almonds, garlic, water, olive oil, salt and sometimes vinegar. It is usually served with grapes or slices of melon. …

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Angulas are the traditional appetizer of Spain. They're also one of Spain's most expensive foods. The texture of Angulas is soft and meaty. The authentic way to cook angulas is frying hot peppers and garlic in olive oil, …

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Arbequina is small, round olives native to the Spanish city of Arbeca, formerly known as Arbequa. Ripe arbequina olives have a firm, meaty texture and fruity flavour. They range from light pink to dark orange in colour, and …

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This traditional Brazilian variation of the Spanish and Latin-American classic dish. This dish comes from the northeastern Brazilian state of Piauí, one of the hottest, driest and poorest regions in the country.

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Bacalao al pil-pil is a traditional Spanish dish originating from the Basque Country. It is prepared with only four ingredients: salt cod, olive oil, garlic, and chilli peppers. The cod is cooked in olive oil (with garlic and …

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Biscuit Roll, Crispy Biscuit Roll, Crisp …

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Barquillo is a crispy rolled wafer pastry originating from Spain. It is made from basic cookie ingredients of flour, sugar, egg whites, and butter rolled out thinly and then shaped into a hollow cylinder or a cone. It …

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Bocadillo de tortilla is one of the classic bocadillo sandwich varieties from Spain. It typically consists of a thick slice of the quintessential Spanish tortilla (potato omelet) nestled between two slices of bread. This sandwich generally uses a …

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Boquerones En Vinagre is a popular dish of Spain. The central ingredient of the dish is the boquerones, fresh anchovies. The fillets are marinated in vinegar or a mixture of vinegar and olive oil and seasoned with garlic …

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butifarra, boutifarre

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This is a type of sausage made of raw pork and spices, with variants today.

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Broa is a type of corn and rye bread traditionally made in Portugal, Galicia, Angola, Mozambique, Cape Verde, and Brazil (where it is traditionally seasoned with fennel).

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Cachopo is a dish characteristic of Asturian cuisine (Spain). It consists of two large veal fillets and includes ham and cheese. The dish is eaten fried and hot after being breaded in eggs and breadcrumbs, and it is …

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Caldereta is the name given to a variety of stews in Spain based on a wine, water or oil reduction along with vegetables and meat or fish. These dishes were traditionally considered poor people’s food due to their …

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Callos is a stew common across Spain, and is considered traditional to Madrid. In Madrid, it is referred to as callos a la madrileña. It contains beef tripe and chickpeas , blood sausage and bell peppers. Chorizo sausage …

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This is a Spanish stew made of caparrón, a variety of red kidney bean, and a spicy sausage chorizo, both of which are local specialties of the Spanish La Rioja region. The shape of caparrón bean is shorter …

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Catànies is a chocolate sweet typical of Vilafranca del Penedès and some other near towns made with Marcona, a prestigious Catalan almond type. They are toasted and covered first by caramel and then by a thick layer of …

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Meat that has been salted and dried by means of air, sun or smoke.…

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Cezerye is a semi-gelatinous Turkish confectionery made from caramelised carrots, nuts such as walnuts or pistachios and sprinkled with shredded coconut.…

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