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Portuguese Pot Roast

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Alcatra or Portuguese Pot Roast is a traditional dish of the Azores. It is made with a blade, pancetta, veal shank, onion, garlic, spice, salt, butter, red wine. Alcatra is a slow-cooked meat and very rich in flavor.

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Arroz De Feijão

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Arroz de feijão is a traditional side dish that normally accompanies meats and fish.

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Arroz Marisco

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Portuguese version of seafood rice, it is saucier than paella and without the crusty bits

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Portuguese Tomato Rice

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Arroz de Tomate is also called Portuguese Tomato Rice is a Portuguese dish prepared with rice, olive oil, bacon fat, spices, tomatoes, onions, It is very popular in the country. It also tastes delicious.

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Bacalhau Prior is a very traditional cod fish dish in Portuguese cuisine. It is a favorite of many in Northern Portugal as it enjoyed best during the cold evenings in the winter.

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Bacalhau À Brás

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Bacalhau à Brás is made from shreds of salted cod, onions and thinly chopped fried potatoes in a bound of scrambled eggs. It is usually garnished with black olives and sprinkled with fresh parsley. Wikipedia

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A pork steak sandwich seasoned with garlic and spices staple of the Portuguese cuisine. It is the equivalent of the hamburger for Americans.

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Bitoque (bee-tock) is such a traditional and very easy to make dish that you can find it on pretty much any restaurant menu. It’s similar to the more common “Steak Frites”, but with an egg on top. It …

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Portuguese Flat Bread

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Bolo de Milho is a very large and very dense sweet flatbread that’s found in The Azores, especially on Pico. It’s firm but crumbly. Bolo de Milho is famous in both Portugal and the Azore island. It is …

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Bolo do caco is a flat, circular bread, shaped like a cake and thus called bolo (Portuguese for 'cake'). It is traditionally cooked on a caco, a flat basalt stone slab. The bread is usually served with garlic …

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Bolo Dona Amélia

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Bolo Dona Amélia is one of Portugal’s very best cake which comes from The Azores. It is made with egg, butter, sugar, cornflour, molasses, cinnamon, raisins. It's a very delicious dessert.

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Bolo Rei is a traditional Portuguese cake that is usually eaten around Christmas, from December 25 until Epiphany (Dia de Reis in Portuguese, literally "Kings' Day," a reference to the Three Wise Men), on the 6th of January. …

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Bolo Lêvedo, Sweet muffin

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Bolo Lêvedo is a Portuguese sweet muffin typical of the Azores Islands. It is widely popular throughout the Azores as well as New England. Bolos Lêvedos are saucer size thin muffins, golden brown. It has a delicious lightly …

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Broa is a type of corn and rye bread traditionally made in Portugal, Galicia, Angola, Mozambique, Cape Verde, and Brazil (where it is traditionally seasoned with fennel).

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arroz de cabidela

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Made with poultry or rabbit. After the fowl or rabbit is killed, they are hung up upside-down, so the blood may be captured as it drains out. The rice is then cooked together with the meat and the …

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Portuguese sandwich from Porto made of a French roll, sausage and cheese. It is warmed in the flat grill with butter and sliced up.

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Caldo Verde is a popular soup in Portuguese cuisine. The basic traditional ingredients for caldo verde are potatoes, collard greens, olive oil and salt

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Carne de porco à alentejana

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One of the most traditional and popular pork dishes of Portuguese cuisine. It is typical from the Algarve region, in Portugal, even though the name is Alentejana. Wikipedia

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Cozido À Portuguesa

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Cozido is a Portuguese- Azorean dish made with four types of meat including chicken, beef, pork, bacon and blood sausages, vegetable herb, spices. Azoreans mainly use calderas to cook Cozido. The pots are placed in the ground early …

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Dulce de Leche Cheesecake actually like Portuguese, Spanish People. They like to made with gingersnap cookies, eggs, dulce de leche, hot water, chocolate chips, walnuts, milk, sugar, flour, vanilla , cinnamon, butter, cream cheese.When they serve its looks …

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