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Tamal is a traditional dish where banana leaf-wrapped corn dough is filed with chicken, peppers, cheese or a variety of other fillings. One of the most traditional dishes of Peruvian cuisine, people enjoy them for Sunday breakfast served …

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Tay Pa Especial, Tai Pa

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Taypá is a stir-fry dish in the Peruvian Chinese cuisine "Chifa" where many kind of meat like chicken, pork, duck, shrimp with vegetables are mixed in a brown sauce. The word "Taypa" even has a meaning in Peruvian …

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A teja is a dumpling-shaped confection from the Ica Region of Peru. It contains manjar blanco filling (similar to dulce de leche) and either dried fruits or nuts. The exterior is usually a sugar-based fondant-like shell, but there …

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Sashimi-Style Fish

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Some say Tiradito is just Ceviche without onions. Both dishes are made of raw white fish, but for Tiradito the fish is cut into sashimi-style thin stripes instead of cubes. While the fresh fish in a ceviche is …

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Tomatada is a traditional dish from Arequipa in Peru. It is a stew made of mainly tomato. A steak is cooked with the stew and is served with potatoes and white rice. It is similar to "Estofado de …

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Torta De Piña Volteada, Keke De Piña

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Torta De Piña is the Peruvian version of upsidedown pineapple cake.

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Torta helada is a classic Peruvian cake eaten mostly in summer since it is a cold cake. The top of the cake is jello (mainly strawberry flavor) the base is made of layers of vanilla cake and cartola …

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Trio Arequipeño is a dish from Arequipa, Peru made from the combination of three dishes: Chicharron, rocoto relleno and pastel de papa.

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Triple Sandwiches

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Triple is a traditional Peruvian sandwich where 3 or 4 slices of plain white bread thinly spread with mayonnaise and filled with layers of fresh avocados, tomatoes and slices of hard-boiled egg.

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Grilled Trout

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This is a typical food in Peru. Trucha Frita is a Peruvian fried trout trucha frita literally means “fried trout”. It is not a culinary masterpiece, but is honest local food from the Andes, where seafood is absent.

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The color of this fruit is bright yellow which is more warmer and sunnier than maracuya . It is three or so inches long, about an inch wide, and oblong. Inside, tumbos have the same black seeds as …

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Traditional Peruvian dessert sold and served in Lima (Capital of Peru) in October during Señor de Los Milagros procession.

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Vainita Saltada is a Peruvian dish where one of the main ingredients are the green beans. Green beans are saute with onions, tomatoes and spices. Sometimes fried or boiled potatoes are added. The dish is normally accompanied with …

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Deep fried wontons with a meat filling, (usually pork), eaten with duck sauce.

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Yuquitas Rellenas is a traditional dish from Peruvian. Yuquitas is a root vegetable, also known as cassava and manioc root. It can be peeled and boiled just like potatoes, and it's a staple food in many parts of …

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