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Cepelinai is a traditional Lithuanian dish of stuffed potato dumplings.The dumplings are made from grated and riced potatoes and stuffed with ground meat or dry curd cheese or mushrooms.

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kolduny, калдуны́, kołduny, koldūnai

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Its dumplings of unleavened dough filled with meat, mushrooms, or other stuffings. It is a traditional cuisine of Russia. Kalduny may be served as a main course or a dessert, depending on the stuffing. For the former, meat, …

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Kepta duona is a popular Lithuanian dish that translates to "fried bread" in English. It is a simple yet delicious appetizer or snack often served in restaurants, bars, and at home gatherings throughout Lithuania. To make kepta duona, …

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Kisielius is a traditional Lithuanian dessert that is often enjoyed during festive occasions and celebrations. It is a sweet, fruity, and refreshing dish with a pudding-like consistency, typically served chilled. Kisielius is made primarily from various fruits, most …

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Kugelis is a traditional Lithuanian dish that holds a special place in the country's culinary heritage. Also known as potato pudding or potato cake, kugelis is a savory and hearty dish made primarily from grated potatoes, eggs, onions, …

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Lithuanian Honey Cake

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Medaus tortas, also known as Lithuanian honey cake, is a traditional dessert enjoyed in Lithuania. It is a layered cake made with honey-infused sponge cake layers and a sweet and creamy filling. To make medaus tortas, thin sponge …

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Šaltibarščiai, pronounced as "shul-tee-bar-shchay," is a traditional Lithuanian cold beet soup that is cherished for its refreshing taste and vibrant color. Also known as cold borscht, Šaltibarščiai is a popular dish, especially during the warm summer months, when …

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Lazy Cake, Chocolate Biscuit Cake

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Tinginys, also known as "lazy cake" or "chocolate biscuit cake," is a popular Lithuanian dessert loved for its simplicity and delicious taste. The name "tinginys" translates to "lazy" in English, which reflects its easy preparation method. To make …

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