Kenyan Cuisine


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Beef stew is an important and traditional dish of kenyan cuisine. It is consumed widely by the people of kenya. It is made using beef and kenyan spices.

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Potato Chips

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Bhajiyas are a popular snack in Kenya. They're made by slicing boiled potatoes into thin, circular slices, dipping them into a seasoned gram flour batter, and then deep-frying them. They're served hot with ketchup or other homemade sauces. …

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Chips Mayai is a Kenyan food that is a combination of French fries and an egg omelet. It is made with eggs, potatoes, salt, pepper, oil. It is served with kachumbari and tomato sauce to enhance the flavor.

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Githeri is a Kenyan traditional meal of maize and legumes, mostly beans of any type mixed and boiled together. The maize and beans are mixed together in a sufuria or pot, water is then added and the mixture …

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Irio is a Kenyan traditional dish where mash potatoes are combined with watercress, peas and corn.

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Maharagwe is red kidney beans cooked in coconut milk. It is served hot with ugali, rice, chapati, or even mandazi. It can either be sweet or savory.

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Deadly African Blood Sausage

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Matura or Deadly African Blood sausage is a blood-soaked delicacy enjoyed by Kenyan people. The main ingredients are meat, blood, spices, intestine, chilli, onions, tripe, beef cubes.

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Mombasa Pumpkin Pudding is a Kenyan dessert and also eaten in most part of Africa. It is made with pumpkin, white sugar, coconut milk, cardamom. This dessert is enjoyed during Christmas.

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Mshikaki is a popular Tanzanian and Kenyan street food dish. It refers to skewered pieces of marinated meat such as beef, goat, or mutton that is slowly cooked over hot coals.

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Mukimo is a staple food for the Kikuyu people in Central Kenya. It's made from mashed potatoes, pumpkin leaves and corn and/or beans.

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Mukimo is a tasty staple food cooked by mashing green peas, potatoes, maize, and pumpkin leaves or spinach leaves altogether. Sometimes beans can be used as a substitute for green peas. It is normally served with beef stew.

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Nyama choma is roasted meat, and it's one of Kenya's most beloved dishes. It is usually served with kachumbari salad and ugali. You eat it with your hands. Only salt and pepper are used to season this dish.

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Sukuma wiki is a dish made of collard greens, and sometimes people confuse it with kale. Ugali can be eaten with sukuma wiki. It's a dish in which collard greens are cut into thin slices and sautéed along …

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Tilapia is widely eaten fish and very popular in Kenya because it is readily available and affordable. It is deep-fried and served with kachumbari, ugali, or pilau. This fish is rich in nutrients like vitamin A, omega-3 fatty …

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Arega, Kaunga, Kimnyet, Ngima, Nshima, Ob…

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Ugali is a dish made of maize flour (cornmeal), millet flour, or sorghum flour cooked in boiling a liquid (water or milk) to a stiff or firm dough-like consistency and served with salad.

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Coconut Rice

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Wali Wa Nazi is a popular Kenyan food mostly along the Indian Ocean coast. White rice is cooked with grated coconut meat to create a fragrant twist on plain boiled rice. Wali wa nazi is best enjoyed with …

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