Guatemalan Cuisine


atole de elote

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Atol de elote is a delicious sweet beverage made from corn. It is a creation of the Mayan civilization, which is now popular in Central America. This sweet corn beverage is doled out warm in Guatemalan markets, often …

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Borracho is a Guatemalan dish that literally means drunk in English. This is the perfect name for this sponge cake doused with local rum. The cake dough is made with egg yolks, flour, sugar and baking powder. Separately, …

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Hen Soup

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Caldo de gallina is a traditional chicken soup but made with hen meat. The hen is roasted and the soup is accompanied by vegetables, rice, corn tortillas. The dish is served in special celebrations like weddings, birthdays and …

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Caldo de res is often called “cocido” (cooked) in La Antigua Guatemala. Caldo de res (beef stock or stew) has to be among the most often eaten dishes in the Guatemalan cuisine. It is always present daily menus …

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Carne Adobada means meat in adobo marinade. This marinade is made with garlic, thyme, and oregano. The meat is cooked in the marinade until tender. Pork is the most common meat to be cooked in the adobada style. …

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Champurradas are Guatemalan cookies which is served with coffee or tea. It is made with egg, flours, baking powder, sugar, salt.

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Chancletas de Güisquil is Guatemala dish. It is prepared with green güisquiles, sweet bread crumbs, cinnamon, cream, raisins, margarine.

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Chile Rellenos are stuffed chiles. Bell peppers stuffed with meat and vegetables, covered in whipped egg whites and fried

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Chojin is a Guatemalan dish which basically a salad. This Guatemalan salad is common throughout the country and generally served as an appetizer, or occasionally as a side dish. The key ingredients of the salad are radish, mint …

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Chuchitos are Guatemalan Traditional food which is corn dough lumped into ball filled with tomato sauce and chicken and boiled to perfection. Chuchitos come wrapped in corn stock leaves , keeping them ready for consumption.

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The chops are first browned then breaded and cooked until crispy. There are many varieties of the dish that will then smother the chops in a creamy onion sauce to serve. This is usually then served with rice …

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Guatemalan breakfast

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Desayuno Chapin is the traditional food of Guatemala. Most people take it as their morning breakfast. It is made with beans, egg, tortillas, plantain, cheese, sour cream.

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Dobladas is a Guatemalan dish. It is prepared with maseca flour, onions, peppers, cheese, meat. The soft tortilla wraps filling that is usually onions, peppers, cheese and meat. There are plenty of versions of vegetarian Dobladas. Dobladas are …

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Elote loco, literally “crazy corn” is a whole cob of cooked or grilled sweet corn, topped with mayonnaise, mustard, salsa negra (or salsa inglesa), ketchup and cheese, which is very popular in Guatemala.

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Verduras Curtidas, Verduras En Conserva

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Ensalada en escabeche is a Guatemalan version of pickled vegetables.

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Guatemalan Estofado is a dish of slow-cooked meat in a tomato-based sauce. The name comes from the Spanish word estofar, which means ‘to stew.’…

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Estofado con papas is a hearty potato stew that is commonly prepared in Guatemalan households. The main ingredients are stewing beef , chicken, potato, vegetables, etc.

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Fiambre is a traditional Guatemalan dish that is prepared and eaten yearly to celebrate the Day of the Dead. This is one kind of type of salad. This is made with usually sausages and cold cuts, pickled baby …

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Hen Stew

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Gallo en chicha is a traditional chicken dish in Salvadoran cuisine, although it is also eaten elsewhere in Central America, such as in Guatemala. The dish is made with rooster, Salvadoran chicha and panela. The dish is consumed …

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Gallo en perro is a Guatemalan spicy stew ("perro" being slang for "hot/spicy")

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