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Saccharum Edule

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Duruka, officially named Saccharum edule, is a perennial plant that typically grows in wet, damp soil and tropical environments. It is a tall, grass-like plant that belongs to the sugarcane species. The edible part is the flower, which …

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Fish Lolo is a Fijian dish prepared by simmering meaty white fish such as catfish, cod, or mahi-mahi in lolo – which is the Fijian word for coconut milk. Sliced onions, ginger, and sometimes even chopped tomatoes are …

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Kokoda is a National dish of Fiji and also a Fiji's version of ceviche, enriched with coconut milk to balance out all the acid. In this version, the fish "cooks" not in citrus juice but plain old white …

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Liemposilog is a type of Silog, a traditional Filipino breakfast dish made of "Sinangag" (friend rice), "Itlog" (fried egg), and a protein. In this case, the third main ingredient is "Liempo" (grilled pork).

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Lovo is a traditional Fijian dish prepared with fish or chicken and vegetables cooked in an improvised underground oven. It is a staple of numerous celebrations, weddings, and festivals, and the whole process can take a few hours. …

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Rourou is a Fijian dish made with taro leaves which are cooked or stewed in coconut milk. The simple rourou is usually served either as a soup or as a side dish accompanying various fish or chicken dishes. …

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Tavioka is a Fijian dish made by boiling, baking, or grating cassava, then cooking it in coconut cream with the added sugar and mashed bananas. This somewhat heavy dish exists due to the fact that cassava was introduced …

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Topoi is a Fijian dumpling made with grated cassava and coconut, coconut milk or cream, and sugar. The sweet cassava mixture is typically shaped into balls, which are then simmered in a pot of boiling water until soft …

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Vakalolo is a steamed Fijian dessert consisting of grated cassava and coconut, sugar, and optional spices such as cinnamon and cardamom. The concoction is traditionally wrapped in banana leaves, then steamed. In most villages, vakalolo is prepared for …

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Yaqona is a ceremonial drink originating from Fiji. The preparation of the drink starts with a root of a local pepper plant known as kava, officially named Piper methysticum, which is ground or mashed into a thick paste …

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