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Flan is a baked custard quite similar to crème caramel. It is typically made with eggs, cream or milk, gelatin and vanilla. Often, the custard is synonymous with crème caramel because it includes a layer of burnt or …

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Chicken stewed in a tomato based sauce, traditionally/ typically chicken is marinaded in garlic and citrus first, browned, cooked in sauce and is somewhat sour with olives sometimes some capers but often balanced by stewing with the addition …

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Pork version of the Cuban "Fricase de Pollo/ Chicken Fricase" (which is chicken stewed in a tomato based sauce, traditionally/ typically chicken is marinaded in garlic and citrus first, browned, cooked in sauce and is somewhat sour with …

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Green plantains have long been a staple in most Latino households everywhere from the Caribbean to Latin America. Maduros or Ripe fried plantains can be served as a side dish, such as with fried eggs and ham. The …

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Type of sandwich which originated in Cuba. It is served in many Cuban communities in the United States. It is so named because of the sandwich's popularity as a staple served in Havana's night clubs right around or …

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Mojito is a traditional Cuban highball. Traditionally, a mojito is a cocktail that consists of five ingredients: white rum, sugar, lime juice, soda water, and mint.

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Ox Tail, Ox-Tail

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Culinary name for the tail of cattle. Formerly, it referred only to the tail of an ox or steer, a castrated male. An oxtail typically weighs 2 to 4 lbs. (1–1.8 kg) and is skinned and cut into …

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Roasted Pork Sandwich

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Deep fried mashed potatoes stuffed with a spicy beef filling

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picadillo de res

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Picadillo is a traditional Cuban dish made with ground beef, potatoes, onions, garlic, cumin, bell peppers, white wine, tomato sauce, raisins, olives and capers. In a medium-size frying pan, brown the ground beef with a dash of cumin …

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In various South American countries such as Argentina, Uruguay, Venezuela, Colombia, Peru and Cuba, piononos are prepared using a dough made of flour, eggs, and sugar, which is baked in a thin sheet then rolled around a filling …

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Pernil Asado, Lechon Asado

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Slow cooked roasted marinated pork shoulder. Served with Cuban special sauce and onions.

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Cuban stew, featuring shredded flank steak, tomatoes and olives, can be made up to two days in advance. Ropa vieja is Cuban national dish. Named "old clothes" from its look, the exact origin of this meal is a …

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Cuban Toast

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Tostada (toast) is a half a loaf of Cuban bread sliced, buttered and grilled on a flat top panini style grill. A good way to enjoy it is to dunk it in Cuban coffee.

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Patacones, Fritos Verdes

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Tostones, from the Spanish verb tostar which means "to toast"), also known as patacones, (Dominican Republic) and banan peze (Haiti) are fried plantain slices, and are a popular side dish in many Latin American countries. They are known …

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Vaca Frita (literally "Fried Cow") is a Cuban dish consisting of fried and shredded skirt or flank steak. It is often topped with sauteed onions and served with rice and black beans.…

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This yuca with Garlic Sauce is a staple of the Cuban cuisine. Made by marinading yuca root (also known as cassava) in garlic, lime, and olive oil. Often, onions are included in the marinade. Also known as one …

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