Bangladeshi Cuisine


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Shor bhaja is a famous Bangladeshi Indian food. It is prepared with milk, milk powder, sugar, rose essence, khoya, cardamom, flour, lemon. It is very delicious. It is mostly made for special occasions.

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Mustard Fish

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Shorshe Ilish is a Bengali dish made from hilsa or Tenualosa ilisha, a type of herring, cooked in mustard gravy.

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Singara is spiced potato pockets wrapped in thin dough and fried. It is a really tasty and inexpensive snack that you can find almost anywhere in Bangladesh. Basically you can find this in every street and in cheap …

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Sitabhog is a famous sweet of Bardhaman, Bangladesh, India. Sitabhog is a flavourful dessert that looks like white rice or vermicelli mixed with small pieces of Gulab jamun. Made from cottage cheese (also known as chhana in Bengali), …

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Sobji Porota is the traditional breakfast for Bangladeshi people. It is a combo meal which consists of mixed vegetable with porota. It is very healthy and delicious. Many Indian people eat this during dinner and lunch.

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Sorshe Ilish is a Bengali dish made from hilsa or Tenualosa ilisha, a type of herring, cooked in mustard gravy. The dish is popular among the people in West Bengal and Bangladesh. The chopped pieces of the fish …

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It is the juice extracted from pressed sugarcane. It is consumed as a beverage in many places, especially where sugarcane is commercially grown such as Southeast Asia, Pakistan, India, Egypt, and Latin America. In Bangladesh sugarcane juice is …

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Sweet lassi is a form of lassi flavored with sugar, rosewater or lemon, strawberry or other fruit juices. Saffron lassis, which are particularly rich, are a specialty of Bangladesh. It is kinda milkshake. Though Bangladesh is a hot …

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Tahri or Tehri or Tehari is a yellow rice dish. The spices are added to plain cooked rice which gives it spicy taste and yellow color. Potatoes and meat are added to the rice. This dish is most …

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Tal Pitha is made from the Pulp of Palm fruit in Bengali month of Bhadra (mid. August to mid. September). it is so sweet and soft. It has a distinct flavor that makes this half-round shaped pitha so …

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Tandoori Masala tea is a kind of tea which is very popular in Bangladesh. This beverage is made in a different way. The smoky flavour of this Tandoori Masala Tea is a delight to the taste buds and …

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Tamarind Pickle

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Tetuler achar or tamarind pickle is a kind of pickle made with tamarind, sugar, spices, salt. It can be made sour, sweet, or spicy. It is prepared with tamarind, sugar, spices, salt. It is usually taken with rice, …

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Tilapia is widely eaten fish and very popular in Kenya because it is readily available and affordable. It is deep-fried and served with kachumbari, ugali, or pilau. This fish is rich in nutrients like vitamin A, omega-3 fatty …

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Tomato Chutney is quite famous in India, Pakistan, and Bangladesh. It is made with tomato, chili, tamarind, onion, garlic, curry leaves, mustard seeds. This tomato chutney is the best side dish for all south Indian breakfast like Pongal, …

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Tusha Halwa is a traditional dessert of Bangladesh made with flour, butter, water, sugar, cinnamon stick, cardamons, and cloves.

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Tusha Shinni is one type of flour halwa, a popular dessert in the Sylhet region of Bangladesh. First, water is boiled in a pot adding cinnamon and cardamom. When the water is hot, sugar is added in it …

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Bhapa Pitha

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Bhapa pitha is a traditional winter Bengali pitha. Pitha is basically a pancake made with rice flour and then it steamed filled with brown sugar or coconut. In winter this pitha is available on every street.

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Vegetable Jalfrezi is a semi-dry Bangladeshi Indian curry made with a tangy, colourful blend of stir-fried mixed vegetables cooked in a thick spicy tomato base flavoured with various spices. Mixed veg jalfrezi being a blend of many vegetables …

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Vegetable tarkaris, are a spicy vegetable curry, which is very popular in Bangladesh. These curries made from vegetables are quite popular in large parts of the Indian subcontinent. They are basically made by mixing vegetables with various kinds …

12:44PM June 28, 2016 - by: asma