Afghan Cuisine



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Murabba is a sweet dish which can be prepared with mango, cinnamon, cloves, sugar syrup. Different kind of fruits can be used for this dish.

04:55AM February 17, 2017 - by: anika854

Zarda Palaw,Afghan style orange rice

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a sweet and elaborate rice dish made with saffron, orange peel, pistachios, almonds and chicken.

08:17AM January 10, 2017 - by: eemia21

nargis kebab

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it is an egg-based angel hair pasta soaked in sugar syrup, wrapped around a piece of meat

05:02AM February 17, 2017 - by: anika854

Nuql, sugar-coated almonds, نقل

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Noghl is a traditional Iranian and Afghan confection. It is made by boiling sugar with water and rose water and then coating roasted almonds in the mixture. It can also be made with other nuts such as walnuts …

04:04AM January 18, 2017 - by: anika854

lepyoshka, лепёшка, flatbread

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A kind of flatbread (tandoor bread) in Afghan, Tajik and Uzbek cuisine. It is shaped like a disc and thicker than naan. Obi non are baked in clay ovens called tandyr.…

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Pomegranate Juice is a Afghani traditional juice.

09:26AM August 09, 2017 - by: anika854

Afghani Rice

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Stir in carrots and raisins, and then mix in oil and sugar syrup. Season with saffron, cinnamon, cardamom, black pepper, and cumin. Poke some holes with a spoon all over the rice. Cover, and cook over high heat …

04:54AM July 01, 2018 - by: anika854

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It is an Afghan Spinach Yogurt Dip. The base of the dip is thick yogurt.

04:12AM February 17, 2017 - by: anika854

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Salata is a very common and popular salad of Afghan.

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Shalgham Bata is a afghan royal food.

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It is the Persian incarnation of rice pudding. Milk, water, rice, and cardamom are the ingredients that used to prepare the dish. it is similar to Rice Pudding.

04:41AM February 17, 2017 - by: anika854

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Sheer Khorma is a type of traditional dessert of Afghan.

08:52AM August 08, 2017 - by: anika854

Sheer khorma, شيرخرما‎

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It is a festival vermicelli pudding prepared by Muslims on Eid ul-Fitr and Eid al-Adha in Afghanistan, India, Pakistan, Bangladesh and parts of Central Asia. It is a traditional Muslim festive breakfast, and a dessert for celebrations. This …

03:11AM January 18, 2017 - by: anika854

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It is an Afghan milk fudge flavored with nuts, rose water and cardamom. It can be served with tea or coffee.

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Shola is a very famous Afghani savory rice dish. The rice used is usually short-grain (toota chawal) and it is cooked with water, pulses, lentils, spinach and with either mince meat or tiny pieces of meat. It is …

09:10PM April 22, 2020 - by: itisclaudio

meatball, meatloaf, Afghan Kofta, کوفته, …

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Tabrizi Kofta is a regional variation from Iran, which contains yellow split peas in addition to the minced meat.…

02:24PM December 22, 2016 - by: eemia21

ترشى, tirşîn, tirşî, turşu, τουρσί, tours…

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Various pickled fruits (e.g. peach, lemon) and vegetables (e.g. eggplant, garlic) mixed with vinegar and spices. Making torshi at home is still a widespread tradition during the autumn months, even in the big cities. Torshi is often served …

01:59PM December 22, 2016 - by: eemia21