-Latin American- Cuisine


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Porras are a bigger version of Churros. There is more dough in the middle and they are fluffier and overall less crisp.

08:29AM September 24, 2021 - by: itisclaudio

Fresh Cheese

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Queso fresco means "fresh cheese" and it is a Mexican cheese of the queso blanco (white cheese) type, made from cow's milk alone or from a combination of cow and goat milk, and acidified with rennet, lemon juice, …

01:40PM July 06, 2020 - by: itisclaudio

Yuca Frita, Cassava Fries

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Yuca Fries are slices of cassava that have been deep-fried in oil similar to french fries and it is served as a side dish in Latin American countries and the Caribbean.

09:03AM March 31, 2022 - by: itisclaudio